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General Motors and BMW’s Mini division have manifested themselves as the biggest losers in Canada last month. February was not a good month for auto sales; not in the United States and not in The Great White North, which is very great and very north but not at all white outside GoodCarBadCar Towers today.

In America, an overall drop of over 40% was distinctly worse than what was seen in Canada… generally. Light truck sales north of the 49th were down “just” 25.2%; car sales fell 29.9%. Whereas south of the border only Hyundai, Kia, and Subaru posted anything close to a good month (slight gains in daily selling rates for all three), multiple automakers sold more cars in February of ’09 than in February of ’08 in Canada. Most notably, Hyundai and Mercedes-Benz were big winners. Expect Chrysler to be pleased with its sales title while understandably disappointed that overall Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge selling performance dwindled. Ranked by total sales, here is the story of auto sales in Canada for February of 2009. Check Autoblog for the U.S. totals. Hey, it’s NHL trade deadline day – time savings are necessary for The Good Car Guy.

Chrysler: -27% to 11,923
Ford: -15.4% to 11,854
General Motors: -56.7% to 11,381
Toyota: -26.3% to 9,421
Hyundai: +29.8% to 6,912
Honda: -43.1% to 6,051
Mazda: -19.7% to 4,666
Nissan: -12.1% to 4,288
Kia: +1.2% to 2,221
Volkswagen: -25.5% to 1,721
Mitsubishi: -1.3% to 1,454
Mercedes-Benz: +18.6% to 1,419
Subaru: +8.1% to 1,263
BMW: +3.6% to 1,190
Acura: -31.1% to 990
Suzuki: +3.4% to 728
Lexus: -13% to 715
Audi: +8.1% to 627
Infiniti: -16.9% to 429
Volvo: -20.6% to 363
Land Rover: -22.7% to 150
Mini: -39.3% to 148
smart: -27.3% to 141
Porsche: -17.5% to 104
Saab: -39% to 36
Jaguar: -14.6% to 35