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One glance across the surface of Canada’s auto sales results from April 2010 reveals a bad month for General Motors. And in a way, it was. I mean, General Motors sold fewer cars in April 2010 than General Motors sold in April 2009. That’s bad, right? On the other hand, the four brands General Motors plans to use going forward – Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC – posted a 7.6% increase in sales. In fact, the combined total of those four brands would still have General Motors on the podium, at least until sales of Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and General Motors are broken down brand-by-brand later in the month. Have it whatever way you like, but the vehicles General Motors is trying to sell are actually selling quite well; both in Canada and in the United States.

Here are a few more tidbits from the April 2010 edition of Canada Auto Sales results. Hyundai whipped Honda. It’s not the first time, but now it’s appearing like this could be habitual. Even with a sales surge at Volkswagen, Hyundai’s Korean partner, Kia, remained stronger than the gigantic German brand. BMW just barely nudged out Mercedes-Benz to stick the landing as Canada’s favourite luxury brand. South of the border, Lexus is almost always the number one luxury automaker.

After the jump you can grab all the Numbers from April 2010 in Canada except Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, and Suzuki. They’ll report soon. Check back later in the month to see Ford split with Lincoln; the Chevy/Caddy/Buick/GMC individual brand stats; and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram cut down to size, as well. And there’ll be more in-depth analysis of vehicle segments and best sellers than ever before.


Ford: +24.2% to 22,716
Toyota: -16.8% to 16,303
Dodge: +43.5% to 15,913
Chevrolet: -6.6% to 13,609
Hyundai: + 15.6% to 12,495
Honda: -4% to 11,388
Mazda: +1.7% to 8,338
GMC: +40.8% to 7,040
Nissan: +0.7% to 6,576
Kia: +18.3% to 5,057
Volkswagen: +25.7% to 4,394
Jeep: +10.1% to 2,913
BMW: +38.8% to 2,681
Mercedes-Benz: +17.9% to 2,672
Subaru: +28.8% to 2,640
Chrysler: +14.2% to 1,804
Audi: +38.5% to 1,733
Acura: +19.4% to 1,709
Mitsubishi: -12.5% to 1,613
Lexus: -15.5% to 1,370
Buick: +43.6% to 1,275
Suzuki -19.1% to 742
Lincoln: +50.1% to 710
Volvo: +3.3% to 633
Infiniti: +13.1% to 613
Mini: +12.3% to 411
Cadillac: +3% to 338
Land Rover: +63% to 225
Porsche: +17.8% to 225
smart: -18% to 205
Jaguar: -15.9% to 74
Hummer: -35% to 40
Maserati: level at 12
Bentley: +57% to 11
Ferrari: -20% to 10
Mercury: -71.4% to 4

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