Canada Auto Brand Market Share Chart – September 2011

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General Motors Canada suffered a huge blow as the company’s market share slid from 17.8% in August all the way down to 12.5% in September. GM Canada’s market share in September of last year was 13.2%. 

Meanwhile, the Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group grew their market share from 18.5% and 13.3% in August to 19.1% and 14.2%, respectively, in September. Ford’s market share was 19.6% in September 2010; Chrysler’s was 11.9%. Previously, Ford was at 20.3% in June and 19.3% in July. Chrysler soared as high as 16.4% back in July.

As you’ll discover when you look at the brown section of the auto market share chart below, smaller brands grabbed a larger portion of the overall Canadian market in September 2011. Mazda’s share of the market shrunk slightly from August. Nissan was level. Volkswagen gained a little more than half a percentage point. Honda Canada enjoyed a market share boost of 1.5 percentage points even as year-over-year sales fell 22.4% at the parent company. Honda Canada’s market share in September of last year was at 10.1%. 

Hyundai/Kia’s share of the Canadian market was at an impressive 13% by the end of September, the highest since May’s 14%. That makes September the second-best month of the year for the Koreans on market share terms, the seventh-best in terms of sales volume. Sales at Toyota fell 8.3% year-over-year in September. Lexus was down 4.9%. 

Thus, it’s no surprise to see Toyota’s market share slide from 10.7% in August to 10.3% in September. Toyota owned 10.8% of the Canadian auto market in September 2010 when there was no Scion brand to help out. Toyota Motor Corporation’s market share in the United States was 11.5% in September; Hyundai/Kia are 4.7 percentage points lower south of the border.

Canada’s auto brand market share chart for September 2011 is below.