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Canada Auto Brand Market Share – February 2012

2012 Toyota Prius C Red

Two main differences immediately jump out at you when glancing at the chart below side by side with last February’s version. At this time last year, Toyota Canada’s market share for the month of February was just 9.9%. In February 2012, that number climbed to 11.6% with volume increases of 32%, 3%, and 128% for Toyota, Lexus, and Scion, respectively. 

Meanwhile, though General Motors was up more than half a percentage point and Chrysler took over the lead, Ford’s losses are pronounced. Ford and Lincoln combined to be Canada’s best-selling automobile manufacturer in February 2011, holding 16.7% of the Canadian new vehicle market. One year later, Ford volume was down 3%, Lincoln volume was down 30%, and Ford Motor Company’s market share slid to 14.5%.

Canada’s new vehicle market was up 11.2% in February, year-over-year. Compared with January, sales increased 9.3%. Through two months, Canada’s market is up 13.2%, according to Desrosiers. February was the second-best February for the market as a whole in the last eight years. It’s worth noting that Toyota Canada did not report any Toyota Prius C sales in February, though the car is pictured above. 

For a look at all the specific brand volume changes, year-to-date data, and rankings, check out February 2012’s Canada Auto Sales By Brand post. It’s a treat.

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