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Canada Auto Brand Market Share – April 2012

2013 Kia K9
The K9 Maybe Wouldn’t Do
Much For Kia Market Share

Year-over-year, half of the automotive brands competing for consumer attention in Canada reported sales declines. Many of the brands to do so, including Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet, are big players. Not surprisingly, the overall market slid 1.4% compared with April of last year. Passenger car sales rose slightly, according to Desrosiers Automotive Reports, but light truck sales fell 3.4%.

General Motors took a hit as sales at three of its four brands were down. GM market share fell from 14.1% to 13.4%. The Ford Motor Company also struggled, dropping from 16% in April 2011 to 15.3% in April 2012. This opened up an opportunity for Chrysler Canada to own the largest portion of the Canadian automobile market. That’s the third time in 2012 Chrysler ended a month as Canada’s leading manufacturer. The addition of Fiat hasn’t hurt. 5% of Chrysler Canada’s volume in April can be attributed to the 500 and 500C. Excluding Fiat, Chrysler Canada sold 23,235 vehicles, not enough to topple Ford.

Year-over-year, Toyota and Nissan slid ever so slightly; Honda and Volkswagen and Mazda made narrow gains. Hyundai-Kia improved nearly one full percentage point as sales of the smaller brand, Kia, surged 18% in April. Through the first four months of 2012, Kia Canada sales are up 21%.