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December 2012 And 2012 Year End Large Luxury Car Sales In Canada

2013 BMW 750i SE alpine white

The BMW 7-Series ended 2012 as Canada’s best-selling large luxury car. With a huge December performance, BMW Canada overcame what was a 53-unit deficit at the end of November. You’ll want to have a look at those November results, because they come with a picture of a red Porsche Panamera with red wheels, and it’s nauseating enough to give you an excuse to leave your desk and find something to eat. Salty crackers, maybe, or nachos with hummus.

Canada 2012 large luxury car sales chart
2012 Large Luxury Car Sales Chart
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As for that huge December performance, BMW’s biggest sedan outsold the second, third, and fourth-best-selling cars in the class – combined – last month, and did so with 17 units to spare. The second-ranked S-Class (with its CL-Class coupe sibling) was down 16%. Porsche Panamera sales shot up from 16 in December 2011. Lexus LS sales doubled. Don’t go thinking the LS hybrid had anything to do with it. Lexus didn’t sell a single LS600hL in December and only sold five (down 50%) in all of 2012.

In Canada, the basic price of a BMW 7-Series is $106,600. S-Class pricing at Mercedes-Benz stores starts at $118,100 for the S400 Hybrid, $119,900 for the diesel S350, and $119,400 for the short-wheelbase S550.

Canada large luxury car sales chart December 2012
December 2012 Large
Luxury Car Sales Chart

Meanwhile, the new 3.0T Audi A8 starts at $89,900; Jaguar XJ pricing starts at $89,000. Six-cylinder Panamera pricing begins at $87,500. The Lexus LS is an $82,950 car. (BMW’s 6-Series comes in coupe, sedan, and convertible bodystyles, starting at $98,900, $99,800, and $109,900 respectively.)

Paying more for a top tier luxury car doesn’t seem to be a problem for Canadians who have this kind of money to spend on a sedan. Although, the 7-Series may actually represent a slight turn toward value: the S-Class and CL outsold the 7er by 212 units last year.

As always, you can find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for these cars and any other vehicle by selecting a make and model at GCBC’s Sales Stats home or by clicking the model name in the table below. Fortunately, the table is now sortable. Click the column headers in the tables to sort by December 2012 volume or 2012 year end volume or re-sort alphabetically.

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Large Luxury Car
Year End
% Change
+ 25.0% 234 + 10.9%
– 5.9% 469 + 129%
+ 346% 755 + 41.9%
+ 5.0% 178 – 21.6%
+ 100% 150 – 3.8%
– 16.0% 715 – 3.9%
+ 163% 422 + 17.5%

Source: Manufacturers & ANDC

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