Let’s get a couple issues out of the way. The Good Car Guy is no fan of the Lexus HS250h. It’s not pretty; it’s not elegant; it’s not cool; and it’s not really even all that Lexus. On the other hand, one drive in the Audi A3 had me sold…. but not on the price, particularly when compared with the more attractive Volkswagen Golf GTI. The Volvo C30 is gorgeous, but perhaps not as sporty as it ought to be. Then there’s the BMW 1-Series. As a 128i or 135i, coupe or convertible, the 1-Series is a touch too small on the inside considering its exterior dimensions. And its price nips at the heels of the BMW 3-Series. 
With that said, the Lexus HS250h is an outside-the-box kind of car. The Audi A3 is utilitarian lux-chic. The Volvo C30 is… well, gorgeous and safe. And the BMW 1-Series is a pseudo-sports car. How do these four compact luxury cars fare in the Marketplace? The Sales Stats in the Graph below shows March of 2010’s story in the USA.

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