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25% sales drops aren’t generally what you’re looking for in a successful product. For Ford Motor Company, however, the 24.8% decline in year-to-date large pickup sales compared with the first three quarters of 2008 is only part of the story. Ford F-Series sales were higher in September of 2009 than in September of 2008. And before you start listening too closely too CNN Money on the topic of “Truck sales up means housing is rebounding means recession is over”, pay close attention to the pitiful sales drops of the other best-selling pickup trucks in America. In the Graph below (click for larger view) you can see the total sales of the Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks In America for September 2009.

In brackets, the % shown reflects the increase or decrease compared with the same period last year. Displaying the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra’s Sales Stats together as a General Motors tagteam is: a) more open and b) a way of showing Toyota Tundra sales.