If only GMC Sierra sales were a little stronger than 8,371, General Motors would have been able to push their truck sales past the planet’s dominant pickup family at the end of November. Alas. What’s more surprising than the steady full-size truck sales is the abysmal small truck sales. Remember all that talk a few years ago about the need for mid-size trucks, trucks that were a lot more like the full-size pickups without costing as much at the dealer or the gas station?

Ford sells almost 10 times as many F-Series full-size truck as it does small Rangers. Ah, but the Ranger stayed small, you say. How ’bout that bodacious Dodge Dakota, a big small truck if ever there was one. Get this: Dodge sells about 15 times more Ram full-size trucks than it does Dakotas. Chevy’s secondary full-size truck, the Good 12 Supersize-winning Avalanche, out-sells the Chevrolet Colorado. Only Toyota sells small or midsize pickups in large Numbers. That’s why the Tacoma is the only smallerish truck you’ll see below on the list of the Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks in America from November of 2009. Check out October’s truck Sales Stats here.

#5 – TOYOTA TUNDRA: 6,379
#4 – TOYOTA TACOMA: 7,633
#3 – DODGE RAM: 9,787
#1 – FORD F-SERIES: 30,494