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Whatever causes GM’s Canadian clientele to head for the GMC Sierra more often than the Chevrolet Silverado, it doesn’t matter. Combined sales of the two General Motors pickups didn’t match up to sales of the Ford F-Series in April; just as the Ford F-Series beat the GM duo in 2009; just as the Ford F-Series is beating the GM duo year-to-date.

You can only blame the actual trucks to so great an extent. The GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado are really nice pickups. In fact, the Dodge Ram is a really nice truck, as well. Sales of the Dodge Ram were up 85.2% in April -it can’t be that much less of a pickup than the Ford F-150
Even Ford is likely to admit that competitors of the F-Series are nice trucks. But the Ford F-150 and its supersize family members are quite the pickups, too. Tough, powerful, handsome, comfortable: the Ford F-Series isn’t just Canada’s best-selling truck; it’s the country’s best-sellin vehicle of any kind.