According to some industry watchers, tag-teaming identical Chevrolet and GMC products isn’t “fair”. For the purpose of comparing truck sales at Ford Motor Company and General Motors, however, it only makes sense to – at least periodically – add up Silverado and Sierra sales. Of course, it’s still nice to know how the players in GM’s playground are faring independently. Surprisingly, Canadian Auto Sales statistics tell a unique story: GMC full-size pickup trucks out-sell the Chevys.

Regardless, monthly Sales Stats from the USA prove the strength of Ford and General Motors and the comparative weakness of anybody else who sells trucks. To a degree, that weakness even includes Dodge… er, Ram. So since we’re on the topic, check out the new over-played commercial for Dodge …. er, Ram, below the Numbers. Way too prototypically truck; an anticlimactic launch of a brand; and distinctly cheap all-round. Check out the best-selling trucks from September of ’09 here. Or check out the Top 5 Best-Selling Cars in America here.

#5– TOYOTA TUNDRA: +13.1% to 7,537
#4– TOYOTA TACOMA: -14% to 8,921
#3– DODGE RAM: -30% to 12,262
#2– FORD F-SERIES: -8.8% to 39,496