Pickup trucks are as American as Friday night football in Texas or summering in the Hamptons. Choosing a Ford F-150 instead of any other pickup truck is just about as American as Friday night football in Texas; probably more in line with baseball at Wrigley. Europeans laugh at North America’s truck fixation. But as long as gas is cheap, as long as space is plentiful, as long as jobs need doin’, pickup trucks will sell like lemonade on a summer’s day in Louisville.

Interference from foreign brands has been negligible. The Nissan Titan and Honda Ridgeline have hardly put up a fight. One class down from the volume leaders is now a place dominated by the excellent Toyota Tacoma. But that Tacoma out-sells the truck that should be Toyota’s pickup volume leader, the Tundra. Truthfully, even the Dodge Ram or Ram Pickup or whatever you wanna call it is scarecely noticeable given the glow Americans afford Ford’s F-Series and the two pickups from General Motors. For the record, the GMC Sierra was responsible for 9,360 of 38,978 GM full-size trucks sold in April. 

truck sales chart usa

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