There’s no catching the Ford F-Series in 2010. With the advent of the EcoBoost-powered 2011 Ford F-150, there’s unlikely to be any hope for the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado, 2011 GMC Sierra, or 2011 Dodge Ram of catching the Ford F-Series in a sales battle next year, either. Ford F-Series sales through September 2010 were 77,171. General Motors possesses full-size pickup sales figures of “just” 65,386 through the first three quarters of 2010. Not. Good. E. Nuff.

Worse news for GM lies in decling sales, however. Forget chasing Ford, how ’bout chasing last year’s Sales Stats? Overall sales of the GM pickup twins dropped 42.3% in September 2010 in Canada. Silverado sales went from 5706 in September 2009 to 3102 last month. GMC Sierra sales tumbled 38.9%. This is, more likely than not, an anomaly, especially given the fast-rising sales of other trucks.

And quite the ramp-ups they are. Ford F-Series sales were up 88.6% in September. Dodge Ram sales were up 14.6%; Ford Ranger sales increased 4.2%, and Toyota Tundra sales jumped 12.8%.


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