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Supplanting the Chevrolet Tahoe at the bottom end of this October edition of’s Top 5 Best-Selling SUVs in America is a product from crosstown competitor Ford. That’s not to say Chevrolet struggled to push Tahoes in October. Sales were more than double than in the same period of ’08, just a few hundred lower than the Ford CUV in this month’s number five spot.

Check out last month’s best-selling SUVs here, Canada’s best-selling SUVs here, or October’s best-selling cars or trucks from America’s Sales Stats. For now, October’s Top 5 Best-Selling SUVs in America can be seen in the Graph below. You’ll find the ability to compare sales of these SUVs with their performance in October of ’08 inside the bracketed sections. Inhabitants of the 50 states still love’em some sport-utility vehicles, even if not a single best-seller is based on anything other than a car platform.