As a vehicle rather than something purely SUV/CUV/crossover specific, the Honda CR-V is #8 in U.S. sales in 2009. That Ford Fusion everybody keeps talking about, the one with the hybrid derivative that The Good Car Guy chucked into The Good 12 v3.0? Behind the CR-V. Sales of the Honda CR-V were actually down 3.1% from 2008. Plus, the Ford Escape actually ended the year selling at a quicker pace than the Honda.
Honda’s sales dominance is nothing new. What about the Lexus RX, a true luxury crossover, throwing 93Ks worth of sales down the gauntlet? The RX’s donor vehicle, Toyota’s Highlander, obviously doesn’t sell as well. It’s also ironic that the new darling of the American media, Ford Motor Company, places two vehicles in this best-seller list but misses out on the Top 5 Best-Selling Cars pie chart. Cars, you know… those fuel-efficient low-riders. The Ford Edge does no better than 17mpg in the city, but that didn’t stop residents of the USofA from buying nearly 90,000 Edges in 2009. Keep in mind that sales of the Chevrolet Equinox, if married to the GMC Terrain, top 100,000 and knock the Edge right off the…. er, edge.