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Given the Honda CR-V’s longstanding reign atop the SUV totem pole, being overtaken would come off as surprising. At first.

Given Ford’s Marketplace momentum, however, perhaps bumping Honda into second place on the Top 5 Best-Selling SUVs in America list isn’t surprising at all. The Ford F-150 out-sold the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra combined. The Honda Civic failed to make an appearance on the best-selling cars list – its spot was grabbed by the Ford Fusion. It wouldn’t surprise Canadians to see a Ford SUV selling better than anything by any other company. The Escape dominates SUV sales north of the border. But as seen in the October and September editions of this post, the CR-V is champion ’round these parts.

One other tidbit you might want to know about comes from General Motors’ Sales Stats. Notice the Chevrolet in the mix in the Graph below? Link its sales with that of its platform-mate from GMC (as The Good Car Guy does with the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado) and GM takes over #3 on the list of America’s Best-Selling SUVs for November of 2009. For now, we’ll leave ’em separate.