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Every month The Good Car Guy profiles a very specific category of auto sales in the United Stats. In a Graph like the one seen here for September’s luxury Sales Stats, the nine best-selling premium manufacturers are lumped together in order to see which automakers are absorbing the largest chunk of the Marketplace. Which manufacturer receives the biggest slice of the pie? Routinely, that’d be Lexus; with BMW and Mercedes-Benz not too far behind.

Three-quarters of 2009 have now gone by, however, and the storyline is much deeper than the make alone. Why not deal with models, too? Over the next few posts on you’ll be able to see how individual models stack up against their rivals; both direct and slightly indirect. Resulting from the fact that many luxury cars compete in specific niches and are therefore not direct competitors for any particular car, the vehicles will not be listed by sales totals. Rather, alphabetizing will be relied upon for easy spotting. Except, that is, in the case of manufacturer totals, as seen below, where the low sellers and the high sellers are exposed for all to see their maladies or magnificence.

AFTER 3/4ths OF 2009
January 1 – September 30

Lexus: 149,408
BMW: 144,223
Mercedes-Benz: 135,413
Acura: 76,628
Cadillac: 73,024
Infiniti: 59,866
Audi: 59,518
Lincoln: 59,236
Volvo: 46,729
Porsche: 14,310
Saab: 6,298