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BMW 3-Series Wagon

Presently, BMW customers in America can select their new 3-Series from among five sedans, five coupes, three hardtop convertibles, two wagons, and the M3 as a sedan, coupe, or convertible. That’s 18 unique configurations running the full gamut from six-cylinder to V8 engines, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, surprising practicality or complete bald forehead sunburnability.

Meanwhile, 3-Series competitors like the Infiniti G37 offer one engine, three bodystyles, and all-wheel drive on sedan models only. Or take the Lexus IS. This time there are three engines, the availability of all-wheel drive with one of those engines, and sedan or convertible bodystyles. The big engine is only a possibility with the sedan, of course. What about the Acura TSX? There we have two engines; 1 bodystyle. You get the drift.
This isn’t to take anything away from the uber-successful BMW 3-Series. No, the best-selling luxury car in America has every right to lay claim to every one of of its 9659 sales in May. No indeed, The Good Car Guy points this out as a challenge to BMW’s rivals: you want to sell BMW-like volumes? Give buyers the option of a billion BMW-like configurations.