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Top 10 Best-Selling SUVs In Canada – August 2010

For some people, the thought of buying something – anything, car; book; food – from the best-seller list is downright ridiculous. Why would you want what everybody else already has? If everyone else already has it, you obviously are at the back side of the trend? Believe you me, they say, nobody wants to be the back side of anything.

For those people, a list of Canada’s Top 10 Best-Selling SUVs, a list which includes all sorts of crossoverish utility-oriented tall vehicles, is a warning list. These people take this list and drill it into their brains with an overarching message saying, “Don’t Buy These”. 

So to you people I say, consider the alternatives. Where the most likely SUV choice in Canada in August 2010 was the Ford Escape, you could stick with Ford but choose an Expedition instead. Only 118 Ford Expeditions were sold in August. The Hyundai Santa Fe sure isn’t oddball enough, so go with the 2010 Hyundai Veracruz, a stellar vehicle but one which only grabbed hold of 102 buyers in Canada last month. Honda CR-V wannabuys switch to the Honda Element; just 21 sold in Canada in August. In the market for a Dodge Journey but can’t stand the popularity? Dodge Nitro sales totalled 77 in August. When “they” say Toyota RAV4, you say Toyota Sequoia – there were only 39 new Sequoias sold last month. Then “they” say Chevrolet Equinox but you shout back, “Chevrolet Tahoe”. You’d have marked the 81st sale in August had you bought one. When peer pressure points to the Nissan Rogue, you pressure yourself into a Nissan Xterra since Nissan only managed to sell 113 of the favourite in August. Ford Edge? Pshaaaw…. think Lincoln MKX at 200 August sales in Canada. Jeep Wranglers seem unique, but they’re becoming more than just commonplace. Try the Toyota FJ Cruiser; Toyota only landed 75 FJ sales in August. And act quick, the Hyundai Tucson’s platform-mate hasn’t yet reached full production so Kia Sportage sales only reached 357 in August.

Or you could stick with the most popular stuff, because after all, there may be a few good reasons why these utility vehicles are so popular. Get the details on Canada’s Top 10 Best-Selling SUVs by scrolling down.

#10 – Hyundai Tucson: 1003
Last month: 1250
August 2009: 696

#9 – Jeep Wrangler: 1054
Last month: 1483
August 2009: 491

#8 – Ford Edge: 1371
Last month: 1447
August 2009: 946

#7 – Nissan Rogue: 1453
Last month: 1515
August 2009: 1280

#6 – Chevrolet Equinox: 1571
Last month: 1808
August 2009: 891

#5 – Toyota RAV4: 1962
Last month: 1808
August 2009: 2568

#4 – Dodge Journey: 2141
Last month: 2268
August 2009: 947

#3 – Honda CR-V: 2364
Last month: 1707
August 2009: 2006

#2 – Hyundai Santa Fe: 2650
Last month: 2351
August 2009: 2540

#1 – Ford Escape: 2989
Last month: 4604
August 2009: 3387

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