Remember the old Nissan Altima? You might’nt, since very few people actually bought one. The current Nissan Altima, edition number two of the enlarged Altima, is very familiar to more than 200,000 Americans who bought one in the last twelve months. Truthfully, 203,568 Altimas is nothing compared with nearly 357K Toyota Camry sales in ’09. Which, truthfully, is not all that close to the 436,617 Camrys Toyota managed to sell in ’08.
Nevertheless, Toyota leads the way in both the #1 and #2 spots in the Best-Selling Cars of 2009 – U.S. Edition. You’ll have to wait a couple weeks for all the details on year-end Canadian Auto Sales figures. More 2009 Year End Sales Stats info is available right here.

*Accord sales include the Crosstour. Corolla sales include the Matrix.