The Most Important 2010 Year-To-Date Auto Sales Stats practices the art of monthly sales updates. In the end – and by end I mean New Year’s Eve – monthly Sales Stats are mostly forgotten. What matters come January 1st are the cumulative results from all 365 preceding days. 

Impress your friends with your prophetic abilities (the end is almost four months away) by accurately labelling the best-selling brand, best-selling truck, best-selling SUV, best-selling car, best-selling muscle car, best-selling luxury car, and best-selling luxury brand by having a look-see at the forecasts below. 

The auto sales figures you see here are year-to-date through August 31/2010.


Best-Selling Cars
Toyota Camry: 220,061
Honda Accord: 211,504
Toyota Corolla/Matrix: 188,126
Honda Civic: 179,635
The Camry has been #1 in March, June, July, and August. The Accord was #1 in January, February, April, and May.

Best-Selling SUV/CUV/Crossovers
Ford Escape: 128,507
Honda CR-V: 126,379
Toyota RAV4: 111,706
The Escape was #1 in April and May. The CR-V was #1 in June, July, August and in 2009.

Best-Selling Trucks
Ford F-Series: 338,446
Chevrolet Silverado: 235,530
Chevrolet Silverado AND GMC Sierra: 314,668
Month-after-month in 2010, the F-Series has been #1. In 2009, however, the Silverado/Sierra twins combined to be #1, beating the F-Series by nearly 15,000 units.

Best-Selling Overall Automotive Brand
Ford: 1,155,713
Chevrolet: 1,052,773
Toyota: 988,992
Ford sales have jumped 20.3% so far this year. Chevrolet, as a brand, is up 18.8%. Toyota is in decline and hasn’t won a month since March. Chevrolet’s only monthly victory came in January. Toyota, #1 in 2009, beat Ford by 110,432 sales last year.

Best-Selling Luxury Cars
BMW 3-Series: 64,450
Mercedes-Benz C-Class: 40,964
Mercedes-Benz E-Class: 39,122
Infiniti G: 38,683
The 3-Series beat the C-Class by almost 40,000 units last year. Mercedes-Benz can take solace in the C-Class’s closing of the gap.

Best-Selling Muscle Car
Chevrolet Camaro: 60,185
Ford Mustang: 53,094
Although the 2011 Mustang helped Ford to start clawing its way back into the fight with the Camaro in May, August was the Camaro’s month once again.

Best-Selling Luxury SUV/CUV/Crossovers
Lexus RX: 60,476
Cadillac SRX: 32,703
Acura MDX: 29,110
The Lexus RX’s dominance surprises no one. But the Cadillac SRX’s huge victories – month-after-month – over vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz GLK and Audi Q5 have been a bit of a shock.

Best-Selling Luxury Automotive Brand
Lexus: 145,490
Mercedes-Benz: 144,753
BMW: 139,236
Far too close to call, this headline-baiting battle could flip and flop from the time September’s sales are released to December’s with a couple exchanges for October and November in between. Lexus hasn’t won a month since May while Mercedes-Benz continually sits in the #2 slot.
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