Just ahead of August’s Sales Stats arriving, here are Canada’s Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles so far this year. In other words, if 2010 had only seven months, these’d be considered the most popular vehicles in Canada. Four trucks, two minivans, one cute-ute of an SUV, and five cars fill ten positions. How’zat? Take a look to find out.


#10 – Hyundai Accent: 16,753
Images of the 2012 Hyundai Accent have been spread across the web. When a replacement isn’t far off, the price of the current outdated car must fall. The 2010 Hyundai Accent is by no means a bad car, but with huge discounts and 0% financing, the Accent becomes a terrific runabout. Sales are down by just 3.7% through July 31/2010.

#9 – Hyundai Elantra: 20,645
Like its smaller partner in crime, the Hyundai Accent, a future Elantra has already been displayed. Thus deals aren’t hard to find on the current 2010 Hyundai Elantra. The addition of a wagon model has certainly assisted Hyundai in its quest to strengthen sales in the compact segment. In July, for instance, the Elantra Touring was responsible for 954 of the Elantra’s 3,223 sales. At this time last year, Elantra sales in Canada were 18,009.

#8 – Toyota Corolla: 23,672
South of the border, Toyota USA lists Corolla sales and Matrix sales as one. If that were true of Toyota Canada, the Corolla/Matrix total of 35,845 sales through July 2100 would make it Canada’s best-selling car. Though Matrix sales have risen slightly in 2010, Corolla sales have dropped precipitously: down 22.8& through the first seven months of this year.

#7 – Ford Escape: 26,762
Never unpopular, the Ford Escape has become as much of a staple in the average Canadian’s diet as potatoes this year. It seems as though everyone’s driving a 2010 Ford Escape. Sales have risen 14.5% on the backs of Ford’s Employee Pricing and so-called “delivery allowances”. The Escape isn’t the roomiest or classiest small SUV, but it’s a tremendous deal that Canada prefers over every other utility vehicle on the market.

#6 – Mazda 3: 31,034
A 10.6% increase in year-to-date Canadian sales has been enough for the 2010 Mazda 3 to pass the Toyota Corolla. But even with declining Honda Civic sales, the Mazda hasn’t been able to usurp the Honda as Canada’s best-selling car…. yet. Sales Stats for August aren’t in yet. Besides, the fall and early winter could bode well for Mazda.

#5 – Honda Civic: 31,604
Canada is addicted to the Honda Civic. Like hockey viewers flocking to the TV for a glimpse of Ron MacLean or James Duthie, Canadians buy the Honda Civic like it’s going out of style. Which it is. The current model’s been around since 2006 and the 2010 Honda Civic ain’t much changed. But it was good to begin with and satisfies the nation’s needs for economical, reliable, moderately-stylish, Canadian-built transportation.

#4 – Dodge Ram: 32,175
For a third-string quarterback, the Dodge Ram sure does get a lot of attention. In fact, 2010 has been an amazing year for the Ram. Sales have risen 84.4% compared to the first seven months of 2009. If didn’t list the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado as one, the 2010 Dodge Ram would be Canada’s second-best-selling truck.

#3 – Dodge Grand Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country: 37,389 
Chrysler grabs only 2,777 of these sales; 34,612 of the company’s 37,389 minivan customers select Dodge. For all intents and purposes, the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan starts at $20,945. There you see why Dodge grabs most of the sales, for the 2010 Chrysler Town & Country has a base MSRP of $29,845. This is also why you see Dodge taking hold of much more minivan market share in Canada than in the USA. Canadians really care about price.

#2 – GMC Sierra/Chevrolet Silverado: 50,729
Broken down by brand, 26,626 buyers went with the GMC. 24,103 chose Chevrolet. They’re the same truck, so what’s it matter? For one thing, the strength of GMC in Canada helps make General Motors look good for keeping GMC over Saturn or Pontiac (as if there was ever any doubt). Moreover, the majority of Canadians clearly prefer their grilles unadorned. Or something.

#1 – Ford F-Series: 56,314
Facts you were unaware of #1: the Ford F-Series was actually Canada’s best-selling truck when Sir John A. began his second term as Canada’s Prime Minister. Facts you were unaware of #2: To drive the $42,179 2010 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4×4 SuperCrew from Fogo, Newfoundland to the actual King Ranch, you’d see 5,513 kilometres pass beneath your wheels. Facts you were unaware of #3: F-Series sales are up 20.3% this year.

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