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Seventeen days into November and your craving can be satisified. Canada’s best-selling cars from October are now known and Toyota has once again filled the rankings. Four cars in the Top 10 Best-Selling Cars (seen below in the Graph), one SUV in the soon-to-be-published Top 5 Best-Selling SUVs, and one truck in the also-soon-to-be-published Top 5 Best-Selling Trucks.

Canada’s Auto Sales figures are completely at odds with those south of the border even if the overall brand totals manifest similar structure. We like our cars smaller, more practical, and less expensive. Only three of the Top 10 Canadian best-sellers from October are exclusively sedans. Indeed, there are three vehicles on the list that are exclusively fitted with hatchbacks. The U.S. Top 5 includes not one vehicle available with anything but a trunk.
Check out America’s best-selling cars in October here and scroll down to see how Canadians made their purchases last month. Make note of vehicle number 10 while you’re at it. The Good Car Guy has combined sales of the Golf and Rabbit for obvious reasons – only the name has changed. Although Volkswagen markets the GTI as a unique car these days, it’s still a Golf and ought to be included in the Golf’s totals. Without the GTI, Volkswagen doesn’t find its way into the Top 10.