Through the first nine months of 2009 passenger car sales in Canada were down a whopping 20.6% compared with 2008. Okay, maybe whopping is too strong a word, but car dealers have lost out on a fifth of sales. Hyundai has been the automaker posting the largest increases in Sales Stats over the course of quarters one, two, and three. Rather than suffering a drop akin to the overall market, Hyundai has increased their Numbers by 26.3% over 2008. In other words, rather than the 65,434 sales Hyundai had through September of ’08, Hyundai has 82,642 vehicles sold.

Evidence of this success can be seen in the list below of the best-selling cars in Canada. Grabbing a firm hold on two spots in the Top 5 isn’t an easy task for a brand that was still labelled “upstart” less than a decade ago. Canadians won’t be surprised by the three cars which have taken up residence above those two Hyundais although…. read this with your friends or coworkers and you’ll spot a few dropped jaws at the order in which the Camry, Accord, and Ford Fusion settle. Imagine America’s best-selling cars not cracking the top ten north of the border? And imagine needing to include thirteen cars just to fandangle a General Motors product onto the list? And imagine…. okay, enough with the imagining.
Canada’s thirteen most successful cars can be seen in the list below.


#12- TOYOTA CAMRY: 11,811

#11- HONDA ACCORD: 12,472

#10- FORD FUSION: 12,584

#9- NISSAN VERSA: 15,505

#8- TOYOTA MATRIX: 15,675

#7- FORD FOCUS: 17,217

#6- TOYOTA YARIS: 19,426

#5- HYUNDAI ACCENT: 22,284


#3- MAZDA 3: 36,974

#2- TOYOTA COROLLA: 40,284
#1- HONDA CIVIC: 48,483