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Japanese infiltration of the U.S. automotive Marketplace is nothing new. You’re not surprised to see Toyota leading the pack in auto sales for the month of November. Nor are you amazed to spot Honda on the list along with Nissan or even the luxury brand of Lexus. Americans love trucks, too. That explains why GMC is firmly ensconced on the list of best-selling auto brands in America, as well. It doesn’t get much more American than Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge, either.

Which leaves two places open for European brands to step in and fill the void, right? That would be wrong. November auto sales rank Hyundai and Kia 6th and 10th, respectively. These Korean automotive brands are now established players in the U.S. auto scene. A perfect storm for the American consumer – recession, higher fuel prices, and discontent with traditionally accepted brands – has led to the economically-minded cars of Hyundai and Kia being regarded as smart purchases. Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen all miss out on cracking the top ten by fewer than 2,000 units. Check November/2009’s Sales Stats story in the Graph below. For the October version, click here.