Only a few minutes ago you discovered what a tumble the former Standard Of The World has taken. Cadillac is nowhere near the top of the heap in U.S. luxury car Sales Stats so far in 2009. Is there any category where the two domestic luxury automakers can regain their reputation? A place to look to so success can still be enjoyed? If Infiniti and Acura sell more vehicles in America than Lincoln, can Ford Motor Company savour any factual tidbit in the luxury segment?

Here are the sales totals in the smallerish category of luxury cars, split in to three segments: the actually small, the kind of small, and the priced like small.
AFTER 3/4ths OF 2009
Actually Small Luxury Car Sales Totals

Audi A3: 2,657

BMW 1-Series: 8,952
Volvo C30: 3,398

Kind Of Small Luxury Car Sales Totals

Acura TSX: 21,300
Audi A4: 27,967
BMW 3-Series: 67,220
Lexus HS: 1,785
Lexus IS: 27,911
Mercedes-Benz C-Class: 39,434
Saab 9-3: 4,232
Volvo S40/V50: 7,529
Priced Like Small Luxury Car Sales Totals

Acura TL: 25,882
Cadillac CTS: 29,011
Infiniti G: 34,830
Lincoln MKZ: 16,497
Volvo S60: 5,809