Luxury SUV Sales Stats make America look very wealthy. I know, eh. Like, I thought they had millions of trillions of deficit and CNN told me everybody lost their job, but apparently a premium branded sport-utility vehicle is still par for the course. Or so says the Numbers listed below.

Okay, to be honest, SUV sales in the United States have taken quite a tumble through the first three quarters of 2009. But year-to-date sales of SUVs at the nation’s most successful luxury brand (Lexus) share a slightly different story. SUV sales are down just 11.1% compared with the first three quarters of 2008. Car sales at Lexus are down 37%. In fact, so far this year Lexus has sold just 3,366 more cars than SUVs. Keep in mind, Lexus only offers three different SUV models but has for most of this year pushed four car models and technically offers six car models right now.
So when peering deep into the soul of the luxury SUV Marketplace in America, make sure the statistics from the first three quarters of car sales are on your mind as well.

AFTER 3/4ths OF 2009
Smallerish Luxury SUV Sales Totals

Acura RDX: 6,975
Audi Q5: 9,326
BMW X3: 5,098
Cadillac SRX: 8,770
Infiniti EX: 5,859
Lexus RX: 65,325
Lincoln MKX: 16,388
Mercedes-Benz GLK: 16,015
Volvo XC60: 5,884

Large SUV Sales Totals

Acura MDX: 20,980
Audi Q7: 5,452
BMW X5: 18,650
BMW X6: 3,302
Infiniti FX: 8,299
Lexus GX: 5,183
Mercedes-Benz M-Class: 17,407
Mercedes-Benz R-Class: 2,338
Porsche Cayenne: 5,924
Saab 9-7X: 1,844
Volvo XC90: 7,242

Jumbo SUV Sales Totals

Cadillac Escalade: 17,435
Infiniti QX56: 4,157
Lexus LX: 2,513
Lincoln Navigator & Mark LT: 5,160
Mercedes-Benz G-Class: 435
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class: 10,275