Audi A3 sportback

The Good Car Guy has some harsh criticism for only two members of the compact luxury car field in Canada. The Lexus HS250h was berated in The Bad 8 v3.0, so there’s no need to do so here. The Acura CSX buyer should really be more interested in a Honda Civic Si sedan, but unfortunately, the image-concscious quadrant of their brain makes necessary a luxury-badged car. As for the other four cars, there’s a little bit of bad but plenty of good.

The Volvo C30 is gorgeous. The Germans? B-Class Benz hatchbacks are really a very nice family vehicle. The Audi A3 is a blast to drive. And the BMW 1-Series is what some of us wish the 3-Series still was. Judging by the sales figures of all six vehicles, few people really care at all about any of them.