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If Toyota Canada generated their monthly Sales Stats report with combined sales of the Toyota Corolla and Toyota Matrix (as Toyota USA does), the Toyota Corolla would be handing the Honda Civic its lunch. After all, the 2010 Toyota Matrix was Canada’s sixth best-selling car in March. The Toyota duo combined for more than 7,000 units sold last month. 

Thankfully, that’s not the way Toyota Canada generates its reports. For the purposes of the Graph below vehicles like the Matrix, Kia Soul, Nissan Cube, and Chevrolet HHR are left off in order to more adequately display true rivals. The fact most obvious when glancing at the Graph below is the Marketplace weakness of midsize sedans in Canada. Honda Civics sold nearly twice as often as the Honda Accord in March. Mazda 3 sales make the Mazda 6 look downright exclusive. By the way Mitsubishi’s Lancer comes across you’d be under the impression Mitsubishi forgot to put the Galant in its brochures.