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New Vehicle Market Share By Brand In Canada – August 2011

2011 Chevrolet Volt

Churning forward from the 14.4% share of the Canadian new vehicle market General Motors owned in July, 17.8% of all new vehicle acquisitions in August 2011 went GM’s way. Ford Motor Company slid back slightly from 19.3% to 18.5%. Although year-over-year sales at Dodge/Ram were up 10%, though Jeep was up 10%, though Chrysler was up 42.9%, the Chrysler Group’s market share was not as healthy in August as it was a month prior, falling three points to 13.3%.

Which automakers replaced these missing Chrysler Group and Ford Motor Company sales? Apart from General Motors, Toyota Motor Corp. was up from 8.6% in July to a full tenth of the overall market. Honda Canada’s position, relative to the rest of the market, improved by more than half a percentage point. Volkswagen’s improvements were slight. Nissan and Mazda were level with their July standing.

As in the United States, Hyundai and Kia slid back in strange fashion. From a year-over-year standpoint, many popular Hyundais weren’t nearly as popular this August as last. The Accent, Elantra Touring, Sonata, and Tucson all reported declines of at least 9%. Indeed, Hyundai gave way to Toyota in overall sales volume. More to the point, in contrast to July Hyundai sales were down 9.8% and Kia fell 9.1%. Year-over-year gains were more than healthy, yes, but the market shrunk by about 1% since July; the shrinking at Hyundai and Kia during the same period was much worse. 

General Motors sales, on the other hand, jumped 23.1% from July to August. Thus, its soaring market share should come as no surprise.