Annual Canadian Minivan Sales: 2004-2014

Canadians are buying more minivans in 2014 than in the doldrums of 2013 – a record-setting year for the industry as a whole – but the trend continues to point to lackluster interest in these extraordinary family vehicles.

Minivan Sales In Canada – September 2014 YTD
All Vehicle Makes & Models Ranked By September 2014 YTD Canadian Sales

This interactive chart (hover over the line for more detail) shows nearly 185,000 minivan sales in calendar year 2004. It’s unlikely more than 100,000 will be sold in 2014, which could still be the best minivan sales year since 2008. (A slower fourth-quarter could mean 2014 won’t match up to 2012 in total minivan volume, or 2009’s 99,241-unit pace.)

Canadians are, however, more interested in minivans than their American neighbours. 5.4% of the new vehicles sold in Canada this year have been MPVs, including two products (Chevrolet Orlando and Kia Rondo) which Americans can’t buy. 

The U.S. market relies on minivans for just 3.4% of total auto sales. Even with the Orlando and Rondo excluded, sliding door vehicles still account for 4.7% of Canadian new vehicle volume. U.S. minivan sales are up 6% to 427,876 units in 2014.