chevrolet avalanche midgate

A motion to consider: Whereas The Good Car Guy, he of, feels strongly that the Chevrolet Avalanche is one of the most intelligently-designed trucks on the market today, and whereas The Good Car Guy has placed the Chevrolet Avalanche in The Good 12 Supersize two years running, and whereas the Chevrolet Avalanche has a base price in the United States of $35,725 and sales of just 1,909 in May, be it resolved that The Good Car Nation hereby encourages General Motors to introduce a more basic no-frills Avalanche for the value-driven budget-minded customer priced below $30,000. I request waiver of notice and passage without debate.

Not a bad idea, eh? Inspired by members of the Nova Scotia legislature (and a million legislative assemblies before them), this motion would surely bring about a huge increase in Avalanche sales. I understand the difficulty, no arguments there. Partnered with the Avalanche on the upsized version of GM’s truck platform is the…. ahem, $40,635 Chevrolet Suburban. If anything, the Avalanche’s extra useability is worth something more, and here I am demanding a cut-price version. Something tells me this motion will be tabled without much debate in the halls of GM’s decision-making HQ. 
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