US – Large Luxury Car Sales Figures

The GCBC Analysis

Large luxury cars had a tough month and a tough year so far. The segment was down roughly 200 units for the month and over 5,800 units when you look YTD.

Leading the pack in terms of volume was the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. It was up nearly 46 percent for the month of July, but it’s still down about 22 percent when you look YTD.

The BMW 7-Series came in second with sales rises for both the month of July and so far this year. The Porsche Panamera rounded out the top three, but it saw sales declines for both the month and YTD.

The fact that the segment struggled this month and has struggled so far this year, isn’t a huge shocker. With so many more luxury SUVs on the market and more people turning to SUVs anyway, it’s really no surprise. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this segment in the future. We expect it to see more declines in sales in the coming months.

Below you will find sales figures for all large luxury cars sold in the United States broken down by month and by quarter.

We will report July 2019 Automotive Sales beginning on Thursday, August 1st, 2019, beginning around 10 AM ET.

Data will trickle in throughout the day with the numbers being finalized by EOD. GCBC is also happy to announce that we will be adding quarterly sales reports and comparisons in addition to monthly sales comparisons beginning this quarter. We will also be adding monthly sales tables and charts to the mix as well.

Note: FCA US LLC will end its practice of reporting U.S. and Canada sales on a monthly basis following June results. FCA US and FCA Canada will report monthly sales for May and June. The first quarterly report will occur on October 1, 2019, covering the months of July, August, and September.

Previous Month Comparison

Model Month Month LY Change YTD YTD LY YTD Change
BMW 6-Series 65 328 -80.18 1,016 2,445 -58.45
BMW 7-Series 760 704 7.95 5,435 4,824 12.67
Audi A8 114 34 235.29 1,444 610 136.72
Genesis G90 161 117 37.61 1,100 1,733 -36.53
Kia K900 31 28 10.71 240 203 18.23
Lexus LS 396 712 -44.38 3,093 5,080 -39.11
Tesla Model S 975 1,100 -11.36 8,525 16,350 -47.86
Porsche Panamera 476 585 -18.63 4,216 5,230 -19.39
Mercedes-Benz S-Class 919 630 45.87 7,049 9,055 -22.15
Jaguar XJ 116 119 -2.52 797 1,063 -25.02

∑ = 4,013

∑ = 4,357

∑ = 32,915

∑ = 46,593

Previous Quarter Comparison

Monthly Sales Table