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Canada Auto Sales Brand Rankings - March 2015 YTD

2016 Chevrolet Malibu
March traditionally begins the eight-month-long auto buying season in Canada, ending the winter doldrums with a look forward to summer. The numbers are typically far higher than what we see in the first two months of the year - March sales in 2014 were 64% higher than January's total.

March 2015 sales were in fact 62% higher than January's output; 47% better than February's. Winter continued in full force through much of March in parts of the country, dragging down auto sales in Atlantic Canada as cars were buried and driveways weren't visible through the snow and ice. Nevertheless, year-over-year sales jumped 2% to more than 160,000 units as passenger car sales dipped 3% and the all but all-encompassing "light truck" category grew by more than 5%. 

Canada auto sales market share chart March 2015
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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was Canada's top-selling manufacturer in March and the first-quarter of 2015. Sales increased for the 64th consecutive month. Ford Motor Company's namesake Ford brand led all auto brands, not just current brands but the old Dodge/Ram tandem, too.

Canada's fastest-growing auto brand in the first-quarter was Mini, which hit a wall at this time last year. Volkswagen sales shot up 73% in March and are up 38% year-to-date to lead all volume brands. Porsche, GMC, Lincoln, Lexus, Ram, Nissan, Subaru, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz have all grown by at least 10% in the early part of 2015.

February 2015 YTD Canada SUV And Crossover Sales Rankings - Top 88 Best-Selling SUVs In Canada - Every SUV Ranked

2010 Hyundai Tucson
Don't let the figures fool you: it's much to soon to say the utility vehicle boom in Canada has ended.

After sales of SUVs and crossovers jumped 9% in 2013 and 15% in 2014, a record-setting year for the Canadian auto industry, January volume increased just 2% and February volume decreased by a hair.

Canada Auto Sales Brand Rankings - February 2015 YTD
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But that 17-unit drop in the Canadian SUV/market can be traced back to a large number of individual nameplates. Take the category-leading Ford Escape as an example: Escape volume tumbled by nearly 400 units compared with February 2014.

February 2015 YTD Canada Passenger Car Sales Rankings - Top 142 Best-Selling Cars In Canada - Every Car Ranked

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI white
Canadian car sales are flat in early 2015 as segment leaders like the Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Volkswagen Jetta, and Chevrolet Cruze posted sharp declines through January and February.

Despite a harsh 34.5% year-over-eyar decline last month and a drop to third on the monthly leaderboard, the Hyundai Elantra remains Canada's best-selling car through the first two months of 2015. The Toyota Corolla is only 203 sales abaft.

Canada Auto Sales Brand Rankings - February 2015 YTD
Canada Vehicle Sales Rankings By Make & Model - February 2015 YTD
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Honda's Civic, the best-selling car in Canada in each of the last 17 years, is the third-ranked car so far this year. Sales are down 23%.