Timothy Cain is a freelance writer whose previous roles included reviewing cars for the Chronicle-Herald, ferrying Ford Excursions to fishermen in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and driving around the Maritimes in order to map out every Sobeys grocery store for Frito-Lay. No kidding.

Since kickstarting GoodCarBadCar in March 2007, Timothy has led the site through a major transition. From its previous status as a casual car blog, GoodCarBadCar eventually became a major auto sales data source, one that is free, always accessible, and constantly updated. Every review, best seller list, segment breakdown, and market share chart you see on GCBC is completed by Timothy Cain.

You'll also find his writing at and The Truth About Cars. His incessant twittering is done @GoodCarBadCar and @TimCainGCBC.

Together with those and other freelance streams, GoodCarBadCar is Timothy Cain's full-time job. How did this come about? With the amazing support of readers, of course. But originally, his father made sure that his youngest son's first words were Honda, Chevrolet, Audi, and Cadillac rather than ice cream, Mom, hockey, and please. And then his second-oldest brother told him to stop caring about print media and get online already. Again, no kidding.

Steffani Cain is GoodCarBadCar's news editor and behind-the-scenes manager of operations. Hundreds of her car photos appear all over GCBC in posts labelled with the Photography tag. You can also find these pictures, as well as literally thousands of pictures of the Atlantic coast, on her Flickr page. 

Steffani and Timothy have been married for more than ten years - to each other! - and live in Eastern Passage with their baby boy and their dog, an Ibizan Hound/Boxer mix. Steffani tweets from @justavapour.

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