Sporty Car Sales In Canada – December 2017

Best Selling Sporty Cars in Canada for December 2017

Here you will find the Sporty Car sales leaders in Canada for December 2017. Each month we compile the Sporty Car sales data and reports for North American markets and analyze it to create the best selling list below.

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Our Take On The Sporty Car Sales Numbers

Sporty car sales enjoyed an exuberant year in Canada in 2017, with market-wide growth over calendar year 2016 at 16.5%.

The miscellaneous sporty car sub-segment below was the driver of much of that growth, and within that the Audi A5, which increased its sales volume almost 2.5x from 2016 to 2017. It sits second in misc sports cars for 2017, behind the Subaru WRX / STI.

The Ford Mustang was unsurprisingly Canada’s favourite muscle car – and overall favourite sporty car, in terms of sales volume – in 2017. Muscle car sales also saw an uptick over calendar year 2016, with the three nameplates in this segment all posting calendar-year-over-calendar-year growth to increase the segment’s sales volume by 8.9%.

Porsche’s 911 has been steadily increasing in sales volume every year since 2011 in Canada, though between 2016 and 2017 this growth accelerated. Sales of 911s shot up 30.6% for the calendar year, for the nameplate’s best year ever in the Canadian market.

Best Selling Sporty Cars Rankings

Sporty Car Sales Figures – This Month

This sales table of shows the top Sporty Car sales performers in the Canada, including their year on year growth rates both for the most recent month and year to date figures. Note that this table is sortable and that it fees the chart below. You can easily change the chart by filtering and sorting the below table.

For reference CA = Canada Sales for the month, CA LY = Last Year’s Canada Sales for the month, CA vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate, YTD = Canada Sales Year to Date, YTD LY = Last Year’s Canada Year to Date Sales, YTD vs LY = The Year on Year Growth Rate.

American Muscle Car Sales

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European Sports Car Sales

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Premium Sports Car Sales

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Miscellaneous Sports Car Sales

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