Minivan Sales In America - December 2016 & 2016 Year End

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U.S. minivan sales jumped 6% to 553,506 units in calendar year 2016, slowing sharply at the end of the year after an FCA-powered clear-out surge in the early part of 2016.

U.S. Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model - 2016 Year End

December 2016's 18% decline, for example, was not out of character after sales tumbled in each of the last five months of the year, falling by double-digits on the percentage scale throughout the fourth-quarter. But the year as a whole was nevertheless a year of improvement for the minivan sector, though sales were down by nearly 1% compared with the 2014 calendar year.

USA 2016 minivan sales chart
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The Toyota Sienna narrowly edged the Dodge Grand Caravan – by just 113 units – to end 2016 as America's top-selling minivan, the second consecutive year of leadership for the Sienna. 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which builds the new Chrysler Pacifica, the departed Chrysler Town & Country, and the second-ranked Dodge Grand Caravan, produced 249,115 total minivan sales in 2016, equal to 45% of the overall minivan market. 

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Click Column Headers To Sort • January 2017 • November 2016December 2015
------62,366 --- ---
10,622-97.5%59,071 97,530 -39.4%
11,720-42.9%127,678 101,553 25.7%
11,800-11.8%120,846 127,736 -5.4%
2316-12.4%44,264 36,755 20.4%
299-99.3%375 8609 -95.6%
1703-53.6%11,115 11,018 0.9%
12,407-10.0%127,791137,497 -7.1%
--------- --- ---
50,867-18.1%553,506 520,698 6.3%
Source: Automakers

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