Large SUV Sales In America - September 2016 YTD

2017 Nissan Armada red
U.S. new vehicle sales volume decreased in in September 2016, sliding by a modest 0.5% because of a 7% drop in passenger car sales.

Sales of SUVs and crossovers, on the other hand, rose 4%, outselling cars by more than 18,000 units. 

U.S. Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model - September 2016 YTD
U.S. SUV/Crossover Sales By Model - September 2016 YTD

Part of the credit for that utility vehicle improvement belongs to these full-size, body-on-frame, volume brand SUVs, sales of which jumped 50%, a gain of nearly 11,000 units.

It wasn't just General Motors, either. Aside from the Toyota Sequoia, the lowest-volume player in the segment in September, every member of the fleet posted noteworthy improvements. With the new Infiniti QX80-related Nissan Patrol Armada arriving, sales of Nissan's SUV flagship doubled to 1712 units, a 45-month high.

USA full-size SUV sales chart September 2016
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Ford Expedition sales jumped 73% to 6033 units, the fifth consecutive month above 5K for an SUV that hadn't topped 5000 sales in the prior 23 months.

But it was at General Motors, from which 73% of the segment's volume originates, that the real volume was added. 

GM added 7792 full-size SUV sales via the two Chevrolets and two GMCs in September alone, more additional sales than the Expedition and Sequoia managed in total. 

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Click Column Headers To Sort • October 2016 • August 2016September 2015

352158.3%39,282 35,715 10.0%
611964.3%70,000 64,728 8.1%
348972.9%45,479 30,483 49.2%
396333.6%35,325 30,011 17.7%
302715.6%24,113 20,939 15.2%
841104%8083 9799 -17.5%
1144-20.7%9134 9299 -1.8%
--------- --- ---
22,10449.6%231,416 200,974 15.1%
Source: Automakers


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