Auto News For Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - Volkswagen Dealers Want To Sell Way More Cars

2015 Volkswagen JEtta
Here are the six must-read, must-watch auto news stories and videos for Tuesday, March 29, 2016. The long weekend is over, and The News is back.

"330,000 units does nothing but lose Volkswagen a ton of money," Alan Brown, chairman of Volkswagen's National Dealer Advisory Council, tells Automotive News. Volkswagen's U.S. dealers believe they need around 500,000 annual sales – and the 800,000-unit target Volkswagen had in mind has long since been set aside.

Coupes, we were told, were most easily defined as two-door cars with a trunk, although you can be even more of a stickler. Coupes didn't have four doors; coupes weren't SUVs. Yet here we are with Land Rover readying a rival to the BMW X6 – fill all the niches! – with most likely a Range Rover Sport-based "coupe." – Autocar

Is car sharing the road to more volume for automobile manufacturers, rather than less? Perhaps, if car sharers aren't willing to drive older, high-mileage cars, thus driving car share companies to buy more vehicles more often. – Bloomberg

You want wagons, but you can't have wagons, because automakers know it's more likely that you'd skip right past the wagon into a small crossover. Meanwhile, are the wagons you can't have worthy of wanting? evo drives a 168-horsepower Subaru Levorg – think non-Outback Legacy wagon – and likes the idea, but the Levorg, "lacks engagement and sophistication." 

The gorgeous Volvo S90 now has North American pricing. In the U.S., the S90 starts at $46,950 for the 250-horsepower, front-wheel-drive T5; $52,950 for the 316-horsepower, all-wheel-drive T6 AWD. Canadian pricing begins at $56,900. The S90 is a stunner, and Volvo is showing signs of life with the XC90. But the S90 is a Volvo sedan competing in a stagnant category in which Volvos have typically fared poorly. See: S80

For users who haven't already seen this yellow lab in a yellow LaFerrari, you've got to believe he's feeling pretty good about life. GCBC's office dog, a boxer/hound mix, drives around in the back of a Honda Odyssey. More space, yes. But not quite so exotic.

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