January 2016 U.S. SUV And Crossover Sales Rankings - Top 97 Best-Selling SUVs In America - Every SUV Ranked

U.S. auto sales volume dipped slightly in January 2016, a modest decline during an abbreviated month. Sales of SUVs and crossovers, of course, jumped 6% to nearly 440,000 units.

The Toyota RAV4 was America's top-selling utility vehicle for a third consecutive month. After four years of Honda CR-V leadership – and with the CR-V getting off to 2015 on the wrong foot – is 2016 the year the RAV4 grabs the SUV/crossover sales victory for the first time?

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There's no doubt 2016 began with a tight race for top spot. The RAV4 led the second-ranked Nissan Rogue by only 1792 units. The Ford Escape finished January only 543 sales back of the Rogue. The CR-V trailed the Escape by only 11 sales. Chevrolet's Equinox was only 634 sales back of the CR-V.

The Lexus RX was America's best-selling premium utility vehicle, finishing January as the 21st-best-selling utility vehicle overall, 2178 sales ahead of the Cadillac SRX.

On the premium front, it's worth noting the misleading Mercedes-Benz sales figures. Mercedes-Benz is changing the names of many products. As a result, consider the totals achieved by certain Benzes and their predecessors. ML and new GLE sales were up 17% to 3663. The GLK and new GLC doubled to 2849 sales.

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U.S. SUV/Crossover Sales By Model - January 2015

For the purposes of total SUV/crossover and passenger car sales tallies, the Subaru Outback, Subaru Crosstrek, and Toyota Venza are now tabulated with SUVs/crossovers, not cars. This was not the case last year. The Outback ranked 11th in January sales; the Crosstrek ranked 24th. 

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Compared with January 2015, new entrants over the last year include the Jeep Renegade, Honda HR-V, aforementioned GLE and GLC, the Mazda CX-3, Land Rover Discovery Sport, and Fiat 500X.

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U.S. Auto Sales Brand Rankings - January 2016
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Reminder: these are January 2016 rankings, but you can sort SUVs/crossovers by January volume by clicking the January 2016 column header – which produces the same results this month – or you can rank SUVs/crossovers by improvements or declines using the % columns. Or, most importantly, you can list automakers together by selecting the SUV/Crossover column header.

As always, you can find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any of these vehicles by selecting a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page.

Click Column Headers To Sort • January 2017 • February 2016 • December 2015January 2015
2016 YTD
2015 YTD
#1Toyota RAV421,55419,8248.7%
#2Nissan Rogue19,76215,64926.3%
#3Ford Escape19,21920,054-4.2%
#4Honda CR-V19,20823,211-17.2%
#5Chevrolet Equinox18,57419,555-5.0%
#6Ford Explorer16,61417,036-2.5%
#6.1Ford Explorer *14,26614,995-4.9%
#6.2Ford Explorer Police Interceptor *2,3482,04115.0%
#7Jeep Cherokee15,34715,1541.3%
#8Jeep Grand Cherokee13,16412,8062.8%
#9Subaru Forester11,90411,2106.2%
#10Toyota Highlander11,25811,0601.8%
#11Subaru Outback11,19711,351-1.4%
#12Jeep Wrangler10,79711,683-7.6%
#13Ford Edge9,5337,58125.7%
#14GMC Terrain8,8358,844-0.1%
#15Honda Pilot8,56112,315-30.5%
#16Dodge Journey8,4567,04120.1%
#17Jeep Patriot8,2737,5639.4%
#18Toyota 4Runner7,4966,9457.9%
#19Mazda CX-57,0635,94918.7%
#20Chevrolet Traverse7,01410,151-30.9%
#21Lexus RX6,9566,5695.9%
#22Kia Sorento6,6957,543-11.2%
#23Nissan Pathfinder6,4516,1385.1%
#24Subaru XV Crosstrek6,4486,513-1.0%
#25Jeep Renegade6,362------
#26Chevrolet Tahoe6,1996,607-6.2%
#27Dodge Durango6,0793,58569.6%
#28Nissan Murano5,5163,77346.2%
#29GMC Acadia5,3855,898-8.7%
#30Hyundai Tucson5,2183,03671.9%
#31Hyundai Santa Fe5,1397,749-33.7%
#32Jeep Compass5,0894,31717.9%
#33Buick Encore4,9203,46542.0%
#34Kia Sportage4,8033,05457.3%
#35Cadillac SRX4,7783,48537.1%
#36Honda HR-V4,177------
#37Chevrolet Trax3,7461,839104%
#38Buick Enclave3,6923,4975.6%
#39Acura MDX3,5764,381-18.4%
#40Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class3,515------
#41Chevrolet Suburban3,2704,130-20.8%
#42Lexus NX3,1332,81211.4%
#43Acura RDX3,1043,517-11.7%
#44Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class3,0411,87861.9%
#45Ford Expedition2,8552,46016.1%
#46Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class2,765------
#47Audi Q52,6912,927-8.1%
#48BMW X52,5843,214-19.6%
#49GMC Yukon2,5672,649-3.1%
#50Volkswagen Tiguan2,5281,47371.6%
#51Volvo XC902,375386,150%
#52Infiniti QX602,3722,577-8.0%
#53Audi Q72,336880165%
#54Mitsubishi Outlander Sport2,2332,267-1.5%
#55Lincoln MKX2,0521,35851.1%
T56BMW X32,0021,34149.3%
T56Cadillac Escalade ^2,0022,764-27.6%
T56.1Cadillac Escalade *1,2271,664-26.3%
T56.2Cadillac Escalade ESV *7751,100-29.5%
#58GMC Yukon XL1,9951,9651.5%
#59Ford Flex1,9911,45836.6%
#60BMW X11,937518274%
#61Mercedes-Benz GL-Class1,7962,121-15.3%
#62Lexus GX1,6081,803-10.8%
#63Mitsubishi Outlander1,5431,00353.8%
#64Nissan Juke1,5102,001-24.5%
#65Land Rover Range Rover1,4751,481-0.4%
#66Porsche Macan1,46979684.5%
#67Lincoln MKC1,4361,602-10.4%
#68Porsche Cayenne1,3951,11625.0%
#69Mazda CX-31,375------
#70Land Rover Range Rover Sport1,3611,752-22.3%
#71Infiniti QX801,1641,248-6.7%
#72Land Rover Discovery Sport1,040------
#73Fiat 500X1,018------
#74Infiniti QX50994188429%
#75Land Rover Range Rover Evoque9331,403-33.5%
#76Audi Q39028733.3%
#77Volvo XC608601,517-43.3%
#78Toyota Sequoia852904-5.8%
#79Land Rover LR484660938.9%
#80Nissan Armada7741,029-24.8%
#81Lincoln Navigator700916-23.6%
#82Lexus LX58529399.7%
#83Mazda CX-95121,269-59.7%
#84Lincoln MKT50526888.4%
#85Mini Countryman504745-32.3%
#86Infiniti QX70436557-21.7%
#87BMW X6385433-11.1%
#88Volkswagen Touareg354482-26.6%
#89Mercedes-Benz G-Class33823146.3%
#90Toyota Land Cruiser2732518.8%
#91BMW X4262396-33.8%
#92Toyota Venza1842,105-91.3%
#93Mercedes-Benz M-Class1483,144-95.3%
#94Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class841,398-94.0%
#95Nissan Xterra18998-98.2%
#96Mini Paceman882-90.2%
#97Toyota FJ Cruiser1158-99.4%
#98Land Rover LR2---36-100%
#99Chevrolet Captiva Sport---10-100%
------ ---
Source: Automakers & ANDC

* Italicized, asterisked, unranked lines are nothing more than available breakdowns, already included in the model's total, not in addition to the model's total.
^ Escalade here does not include sales of the EXT, which is shown with pickup trucks.
Rather than listing the 500L with the Mini Paceman and Countryman in these SUV/crossover rankings, it's with cars in large part because it is not available with all-wheel-drive. The placement of numerous crossovers often prompts disagreement, but consider the vehicle type's name: crossover. By its very definition, it crosses over from one category into another. The very act of calling, for example, the Volvo XC70 a car or a utility vehicle requires ignorance of the fact that the XC70 (or Outback, Crosstour, Encore, Countryman, 500L) is a square peg that can't be squeezed through a round hole.

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