January 2016 Canada Passenger Car Sales Rankings - Top 133 Best-Selling Cars In Canada - Every Car Ranked

2017 Hyundai Elantra red
Although Canadians registered 1419 more Honda Civics in January 2016 than in January 2015, the market for passenger cars slid 3.5% in the first month of the year.

Incidentally, January 2016 was the highest-volume January for the Canadian auto industry since 2002. Cars are simply not the force now that they were back then, however. Even looking back five years to January 2011, cars accounted for 39% of the industry's total volume. 

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Canada Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model - January 2016
Canada SUV/Crossover Sales Rankings By Model - January 2016

That figure plunged to 31% in 2016. The market has expanded 28% over that period, but Canadians only bought as many cars now as they did five years ago.

This has opened up an opportunity for the Civic, as Honda clears out 2015s and welcomes all-new 2016s, to steal even greater market share. In January 2011, the Civic owned just 3.4% of the Canadian car market. In January 2016? 11%.

Canada Car Sales By Model - January 2017
Canada Car Sales By Model - February 2016 YTD
Canada Car Sales By Model - 2015 Year End
Canada Car Sales By Model - January 2015

2016 won't be easy for the Civic, however, even with an all-new version attracting plenty of attention with, well, its newness, and via Tim Hortons' Roll Up The Rim campaign. Honda's CR-V is rising – sales jumped 9% in January – and the HR-V is a small crossover in a country that's increasingly interested in small crossovers.

It's almost certain that the Civic will end 2016 as Canada's best-selling car. Ending the year with 11% passenger car market share is another question. 

Fortunately for Honda, chief rivals are fading at the moment.  Seven of the Civic's 11 top-selling rivals reported fewer sales in January 2016 than in January 2015. 

The Civic's top-selling rival, however, is about to be replaced, as well. Hyundai just announced pricing for the 2017 Elantra today.

Reminder: these are year-to-date rankings, but you can sort cars by January 2016 volume by clicking the January 2016 column header – which will give you the same results – or you can rank them by improvements or declines using the % columns. 

Or, most importantly, you can list automakers together by selecting the Car column header. At any time, click the Rank column to return to the original format. If you're on a mobile device, you may need to choose the full version of the site (at the bottom of the page) in order to use the sortable function. Beginning with these January 2016 results, we have excluded the Subaru Outback, Subaru Crosstrek, and Toyota Venza from car results and included them with SUVs and crossovers.

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As always, you can find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any of these vehicles by selecting a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page.

Click Column Headers To Sort • January 2017 • February 2016 • December 2015January 2015
2016 YTD
2015 YTD
#1Honda Civic3,7082,28962.0%
#2Toyota Corolla2,1742,427-10.4%
#3Hyundai Elantra2,0933,083-32.1%
#4Chevrolet Cruze1,4561,3736.0%
#5Mazda 31,2811,688-24.1%
#6Volkswagen Jetta1,1711,662-29.5%
#7Volkswagen Golf1,0941,198-8.7%
#7.1Volkswagen Golf *9591,011-5.1%
#7.2Volkswagen Golf GTI *135187-27.8%
#8Hyundai Accent88066931.5%
#9Honda Accord83760239.0%
#10Ford Focus8257746.6%
#11Toyota Camry8001,045-23.4%
#12Nissan Sentra721786-8.3%
#13Subaru Impreza70360316.6%
#13.1Subaru Impreza *4504382.7%
#13.2Subaru Impreza WRX/STI *25316553.3%
#14Kia Soul66237576.5%
#14.1Kia Soul *62137565.6%
#14.2Kia Soul EV *41------
#15Nissan Altima66144548.5%
#16Nissan Micra645679-5.0%
#17Chevrolet Malibu61637365.1%
#18Ford Fusion570623-8.5%
#19Honda Fit559826-32.3%
#20BMW 3-Series507512-1.0%
#21Hyundai Sonata4984706.0%
#22Kia Rio493511-3.5%
#23Mitsubishi Lancer46930852.3%
#24Kia Forte450463-2.8%
#25Nissan Versa416572-27.3%
#26Kia Optima3993941.3%
#27Toyota Yaris3983980.0%
#28Mercedes-Benz C-Class394566-30.4%
#29BMW 4-Series37222267.6%
#30Chrysler 200335676-50.4%
#31Ford Fiesta292310-5.8%
#32Buick Verano26422119.5%
#33Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class26119136.6%
#34Cadillac ATS259120116%
#35Volkswagen Passat & CC ¤251337-25.5%
#35.1Volkswagen Passat *232313-25.9%
#35.2Volkswagen Passat CC *1924-20.8%
T36Ford Mustang23214658.9%
T36Acura TLX232235-1.3%
E-Class & CLS-Class ¤
#39Mini Cooper 22518323.0%
#40Infiniti Q50209210-0.5%
T41Audi A3206219-5.9%
T41Chevrolet Sonic2062050.5%
#43Dodge Charger205213-3.8%
#44Audi A4 º193275-29.8%
#45Subaru Legacy155188-17.6%
T46Ford Taurus15476103%
T46Nissan Maxima1548581.2%
#48Scion iM150------
#49Lexus ES14112017.5%
#50Mercedes-Benz B-Class134145-7.6%
#51Chrysler 30013311614.7%
#52Lexus IS131152-13.8%
#53Acura ILX12660110%
#54Toyota Prius V ²124171-27.5%
#55Mitsubishi Mirage118233-49.4%
#56Toyota Prius C ²115146-21.2%
#57Dodge Dart111458-75.8%
#58Chevrolet Impala1069215.2%
#59Chevrolet Camaro965865.5%
#60Mazda 695135-29.6%
#61Chevrolet Volt947132.4%
#62BMW 2-Series9132184%
#63Dodge Challenger84121-30.6%
#64Cadillac CTS784573.3%
#65Volkswagen Beetle7476-2.6%
#66Hyundai Veloster73294-75.2%
#67Nissan Leaf7236100%
#68Chevrolet Spark7080-12.5%
#69Buick Regal675131.4%
#70Audi A55779-27.8%
#71Volvo S605456-3.6%
#72Hyundai Genesis 5363-15.9%
#73Fiat 50050148-66.2%
#73.1Fiat 500 *37122-69.7%
#73.2Fiat 500 Convertible *1326-50.0%
#74Lincoln MKZ483633.3%
#75Toyota Prius ²4681-43.2%
T76Audi A64456-21.4%
T76Scion tC4451-13.7%
#78BMW 5-Series42110-61.8%
#79Toyota Avalon4148-14.6%
T80Audi A74017135%
T80Mercedes-Benz S-Class4058-31.0%
T82Buick LaCrosse3685-57.6%
T82Cadillac XTS362544.0%
T82Scion FR-S3652-30.8%
T85BMW 7-Series341888.9%
T85BMW i3/i8342441.7%
#87Volvo V603359-44.1%
T88Porsche 911322718.5%
T88Lexus RC322433.3%
#90Jaguar F-Type3112158%
#91Lexus GS30293.4%
T92Chevrolet Corvette282133.3%
T92Infiniti Q702811155%
T94BMW 6-Series2729-6.9%
T94Ford C-Max272035.0%
T96Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2547-46.8%
T96Smart Fortwo2530-16.7%
T98Jaguar XJ247243%
T98Scion xB2451-52.9%
#100Lexus CT200h2351-54.9%
T101Subaru BRZ2032-37.5%
T101Volvo XC702025-20.0%
T103Fiat 500L18100-82.0%
T103Nissan 370Z18175.9%
T105Audi TT173467%
T105Lexus LS178113%
T105Volvo S801720-15.0%
#108Jaguar XF1638-57.9%
#109Mazda MX-5 Miata156150%
T110Lincoln MKS13944.4%
T110Volkswagen Eos1319-31.6%
#112Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class1214-14.3%
T113Mercedes-AMG GT11------
T113Porsche Boxster111010.0%
T115Audi A81011-9.1%
T115Nissan GT-R103233%
T117Mercedes-Benz SL-Class910-10.0%
T117Porsche Panamera917-47.1%
T119Kia Cadenza824-66.7%
T119Porsche Cayman880.0%
T121Acura RLX712-41.7%
T121Mitsubishi i MiEV73133%
T121Infiniti Q60712-41.7%
#124Alfa Romeo 4C660.0%
#125Mazda 2495-95.8%
#126Honda CR-Z34-25.0%
T127Dodge Viper24-50.0%
T127Scion iQ212-83.3%
T129BMW Z414-75.0%
T129Cadillac ELR14-75.0%
T129Honda Crosstour141-97.6%
T129Honda Insight1------
T129Kia K90015-80.0%
#134Toyota Matrix---138-100%
#135Audi R8---7-100%
#136Dodge Avenger---6-100%
#137Scion xD---6-100%
#138Jaguar XK---2-100%
#139Porsche 918 Spyder---2-100%
#140Hyundai Equus---1-100%
#141Mercedes-Benz R-Class---1-100%
#142Nissan Cube---1-100%
------ ---
Source: Automakers & Global Automakers Of CanadaANDC
* Italicized unranked lines are nothing more than available breakdowns, already included in the model's total, not in addition to the model's total.
² Total Prius Family sales: down 28.4% to 285.
† Mini Cooper includes sales of the Hardtop, Convertible, Clubman, Coupe, Roadster, and Paceman.
 Total Genesis sales: down 29.1% to 78.
¤ Automakers release sales figures for the E-Class and CLS-Class together and the Passat and CC together. (January's Passat breakdown, sourced by ANDC, is not confirmed by Volkswagen.) 
º Audi's A4 sales data includes sales of the Allroad.
Sales data for brands such as Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce are unfortunately not broken down by model. ANDC estimates say sales for those brands in January were 7, 19, 11, and 7, respectively. Total Maserati volume is reported, but not by specific models. It is believed that Tesla sold 1780 copies of their Model S during calendar year 2015. 

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