Minivan Sales In America - November 2015 YTD

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U.S. minivan sales rose 2% in November 2015, but with sales low through much of the year, it's within reason to believe that Americans will buy and lease fewer than 500,000 new minivans in calendar year 2015.

It would require a bad December for that outcome to transpire, admittedly. But minivan volume is down 9% in 2015, a loss of nearly 48,000 units over the course of 2015's first 11 months.

U.S. Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model - November 2015 YTD

The Toyota Sienna has capitalized on poor performances from the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan, vans built at FCA's Windsor, Ontario, plant which hosted a long shutdown earlier this year. The Sienna ranked first among minivans in November and in the first 11 months and will end 2015 as America's top minivan.

USA minivan sales chart November 2015
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Combined, of course, the Chrysler/Dodge twins control a larger chunk of the market: 45% in November; 36% year-to-date. But that year-to-date figure is down from 49% in 2014's first eleven months, a period during which minivan sales jumped 6%.

You can click any model name in the tables below to find historical monthly and yearly U.S. auto sales data. You can also select a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page. This table is now sortable, so you can rank minivans any which way you like. Suggestions on how GCBC should break down segments can be passed on through the Contact page.

Click Column Headers To Sort • November 2016 • December 2015 • October 2015November 2014
805520.3%82,991 127,331 -34.8%
8842-7.7%84,471 122,899 -31.3%
8639-3.3%115,936 112,370 3.2%
3538-36.6%34,439 11,570 198%
407-45.5%8310 10,854 -23.4%
48397.3%9315 9148 1.8%
894612.5%125,090112,814 10.9%
--------- 1103 -100%
--------- --- ---
38,9102.0%460,552 508,089 -9.4%
Source: Automakers

Minivan Sales In America - November 2016 YTD
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