Hyundai Kia Automotive Group December 2015 & 2015 Year End USA Sales - Every Hyundai And Kia Vehicle

Hyundai Tucson grille badge
Here you will find complete December 2015 and 2015 year end U.S. sales figures for all current Hyundai and Kia vehicles.

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Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group °117,749110,0947.0%1,387,5281,305,9526.2%
Hyundai Brand Total63,50864,507-1.5%761,710725,7185.0%
Hyundai Car45,67950,998-10.4%579,985570,5051.7%
Hyundai Accent2,7188,566-68.3%61,48663,309-2.9%
Hyundai Azera358697-48.6%5,5397,232-23.4%
Hyundai Elantra14,24218,860-24.5%241,706222,0238.9%
Hyundai Equus201343-41.4%2,3323,415-31.7%
Hyundai Genesis3,0942,9235.9%31,37429,9924.6%
Hyundai Sonata22,82017,92427.3%213,303216,936-1.7%
Hyundai Veloster2,2461,68533.3%24,24527,598-12.1%
Hyundai Light Truck17,82913,50932.0%181,725155,21317.1%
Hyundai Santa Fe9,51810,395-8.4%118,134107,9069.5%
Hyundai Tucson8,3113,114167%63,59147,30634.4%
Hyundai Veracruz000.0%01-100%
Kia Brand Total54,24145,58719.0%625,818580,2347.9%
Kia Car33,00929,60411.5%419,075420,202-0.3%
Kia Cadenza5985489.1%7,3439,267-20.8%
Kia Forte5,4115,3062.0%78,91969,33613.8%
Kia K9001629374.2%2,5241,33089.8%
Kia Optima13,68211,82715.7%159,414159,0200.2%
Kia Rio9971,924-48.2%23,74235,933-33.9%
Kia Soul12,1599,90622.7%147,133145,3161.3%
Kia Light Truck21,23215,98332.8%206,743160,03229.2%
Kia Sedona2,3162,997-22.7%36,75514,567152%
Kia Sorento12,8729,68832.9%116,249102,52013.4%
Kia Sportage6,0443,29883.3%53,73942,94525.1%
Source: Hyundai & Kia

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