BMW Group December 2015 & 2015 Year End USA Sales - BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce

Here you will find complete December 2015 and 2015 year end U.S. sales figures for all BMW Group vehicles including the Rolls-Royce brand's total volume.

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BMW Group
BMW Group °39,69948,202-17.6%405,377396,6552.2%
BMW Brand Total34,62541,526-16.6%346,023339,7381.9%
BMW Car21,04928,764-26.8%230,347229,4700.4%
BMW 2-Series2,143724196%13,0207,34577.3%
BMW 3-Series5,26213,339-60.6%94,527100,970-6.2%
BMW 4-Series5,6015,859-4.4%46,08241,44211.2%
BMW 5-Series2,9855,517-45.9%44,16252,704-16.2%
BMW 6-Series1,46189064.2%8,1468,647-5.8%
BMW 7-Series1,2661,09615.5%9,2929,744-4.6%
BMW i31,4221,01340.4%11,0246,09281.0%
BMW i8656158315%2,265555308%
BMW Z425316850.6%1,8292,151-15.0%
BMW Light Truck13,57612,7626.4%115,676110,2684.9%
BMW X11,7692,591-31.7%14,42022,808-36.8%
BMW X33,1262,79511.8%31,92433,824-5.6%
BMW X48848207.8%6,4292,709137%
BMW X56,2506,0982.5%54,99747,03116.9%
BMW X61,547458238%7,9063,896103%
Mini Brand Total5,0096,615-24.3%58,51456,1124.3%
Mini Car2,8234,545-37.9%40,12031,38527.8%
Mini Cooper2,8234,545-37.9%40,12031,38527.8%
Mini Cooper 2-Door *9563,063-68.8%19,77821,495-8.0%
Mini Cooper 4-Door *1,2471,11312.0%15,1891,3481,027%
Mini Cooper Convertible *147219-32.9%3,0983,536-12.4%
Mini Cooper Roadster *495-95.8%1,1031,437-23.2%
Mini Cooper Clubman *464411,500%4922,613-81.2%
Mini Cooper Coupe *551-90.2%460956-51.9%
Mini Light Truck2,1862,0705.6%18,39424,727-25.6%
Mini Countryman2,1481,94110.7%16,68622,645-26.3%
Mini Paceman38129-70.5%1,7082,082-18.0%
Rolls-Royce Brand Total65616.6%8408054.3%
Source: BMW & WSJ
* model breakdown by variant

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