September 2015 YTD Canada SUV And Crossover Sales Rankings - Top 95 Best-Selling SUVs In Canada - Every SUV Ranked

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe white
Through the first three quarters of 2015, Canadians have registered 514,000 SUVs and crossovers. That's nearly 51,000 more SUV/CUV sales in 2015's first nine months than during the same period one year earlier, an 11% uptick during a period in which car sales slid 4%, or 27,000 units.

In fact, over the last two months, Canadians have purchased and leased essentially the same number of SUVs/crossovers as cars, a set of statistics subject only to the number of true crossovers you lump in one category or the other.

Canada Auto Sales Brand Rankings - September 2015 YTD
Canada Vehicle Sales Rankings By Model - September 2015 YTD
Canada Car Sales Rankings By Model - September 2015 YTD

Many of the newest utility vehicles, for example, only barely fit inside the increasingly loosely defined segment's borders. The Mazda CX-3 and Honda HR-V are slightly elevated subcompact cars, for all intents and purposes, and they accounted for 3.1% of all SUV/CUV sales in Canada in September, up from 0% one year ago. 

A handful of traditional SUVs remain. The Jeep Wrangler posted a 7% increase to 1922 sales in September – the offroading Jeep is Canada's eighth-ranked SUV/CUV overall. Full-size, truck-based SUV nameplates from General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and Nissan combined for fewer than 10,000 Canadian sales in the first three quarters of 2015, just 1.9% of the overall utility vehicle market.

Canada SUV/Crossover Rankings Sales By Model - September 2016 YTD
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Canada SUV/Crossover Sales Rankings By Model - August 2015 YTD
Canada SUV/Crossover Sales Rankings By Model - September 2014 YTD

South of the border, those same eight nameplates produced 5.2% of the SUV/CUV market so far this year.

Reminder: these are year-to-date rankings, but you can sort vehicles by September 2015 volume by clicking the September 2015 column header, or you can rank vehicles by improvements or declines using the % columns. 

2016 Mazda CX-3 red front
Or, most importantly, you can list automakers together by selecting the SUV/Crossover column header. At any time, click the Rank column to return to the original format. If you're on a mobile device, you may need to choose the full version of the site (at the bottom of the page) in order to use the sortable function.

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Top 20 Best-Selling SUVs In Canada - September 2015
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As always, you can find historical monthly and yearly sales figures for any of these vehicles by selecting a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page.

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September 2015 YTD
September 2014 YTD
% Change
#1Ford Escape36,51040,584-10.0%4,8065,107-5.9%
#2Toyota RAV431,22027,18314.9%4,1634,328-3.8%
#3Honda CR-V29,29825,86113.3%3,7472,96126.5%
#4Nissan Rogue27,49522,28823.4%3,2992,80017.8%
#5Jeep Cherokee23,16116,40241.2%2,8232,15531.0%
#6Hyundai Santa Fe Sport ³20,09321,157-5.0%1,9062,416-21.1%
#7Dodge Journey19,15619,516-1.8%1,9282,403-19.8%
#8Jeep Wrangler16,86518,627-9.5%1,9221,7907.4%
#9Mazda CX-516,84215,04711.9%2,1241,71923.6%
#10Chevrolet Equinox14,79215,402-4.0%1,8761,57519.1%
#11Ford Edge14,33414,1791.1%1,8381,65910.8%
#12Hyundai Tucson12,3479,65627.9%1,5431,12836.8%
#13Ford Explorer11,4349,90415.4%1,8471,43428.8%
#14Kia Sorento11,00810,6633.2%1,1471,236-7.2%
#15Subaru Forester9,3149,555-2.5%1,0179388.4%
#16Jeep Grand Cherokee8,6619,556-9.4%653970-32.7%
#17Volkswagen Tiguan8,6148,1595.6%8888465.0%
#18GMC Terrain8,1249,171-11.4%9911,328-25.4%
#19Jeep Patriot7,9474,55074.7%545941-42.1%
#20Toyota Highlander7,7007,4293.6%92573026.7%
#21Nissan Pathfinder7,4887,3192.3%767889-13.7%
#22Nissan Murano7,1373,538102%94372130.8%
#23Audi Q55,9305,971-0.7%730791-7.7%
#24Chevrolet Trax5,8456,601-11.5%9861,054-6.5%
#25Honda Pilot5,7844,72022.5%95148297.3%
#26Acura RDX5,6764,86416.7%63748531.3%
#27Honda HR-V5,427------1,076------
#28Lexus RX5,0275,785-13.1%587672-12.6%
#29Hyundai Santa Fe XL ³4,9393,82429.2%55845921.6%
#30Kia Sportage4,9124,7563.3%70755926.5%
#31GMC Acadia4,8064,26612.7%4224083.4%
#32Mercedes-Benz M-Class4,6184,2069.8%68943658.0%
#33Mitsubishi Outlander4,4794,06510.2%75264716.2%
#34Mitsubishi RVR4,3984,960-11.3%505911-44.6%
#35Lexus NX4,384------815------
#36Mazda CX-34,353------916------
#37BMW X54,2194,349-3.0%82946179.8%
#38Acura MDX4,1844,496-6.9%69252332.3%
#39Toyota 4Runner4,1713,00738.7%56236255.2%
#40Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class4,1104,0531.4%529649-18.5%
#41Cadillac SRX3,8543,27417.7%49533746.9%
#42Buick Encore3,6424,345-16.2%447593-24.6%
#43Nissan Juke3,5122,96818.3%44329649.7%
#44BMW X33,3493,956-15.3%346434-20.3%
#45Chevrolet Traverse3,1273,0980.9%40333918.9%
#46Dodge Durango2,9462,34825.5%14611724.8%
#47Infiniti QX602,7842,5987.2%3573434.1%
#48Jeep Compass2,6345,032-47.7%202926-78.2%
#49Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class2,5741841,299%35718494.0%
#50Buick Enclave2,5672,5401.1%236354-33.3%
#51Audi Q32,561610320%288328-12.2%
#52BMW X12,2962,1377.4%36324747.0%
#53Lincoln MKC2,245937140%250277-9.7%
#54Porsche Cayenne1,8631,54520.6%22211789.7%
#55Land Rover Range Rover Sport1,8311,912-4.2%22714161.0%
#56Lincoln MKX1,8212,115-13.9%502205145%
#57Chevrolet Tahoe1,7661,35830.0%232261-11.1%
#58Land Rover Range Rover Evoque1,7001,27233.6%1571467.5%
#59Ford Expedition1,67699368.8%22091142%
#60Mercedes-Benz GL-Class1,6481,812-9.1%131199-34.2%
#61Porsche Macan1,639798105%20713652.2%
#62Ford Flex1,5992,242-28.7%8091-12.1%
#63Volkswagen Touareg1,5911,674-5.0%159240-33.8%
#64Cadillac Escalade1,542544183%17615315.0%
#64.1Cadillac Escalade *1,182413186%13512012.5%
#64.2Cadillac Escalade ESV *360131175%413324.2%
#65Infiniti QX501,5241,4187.5%23217234.9%
#66Audi Q71,4651,4570.5%18014127.7%
#67Nissan Xterra1,33280066.5%16564158%
#68Volvo XC601,3151,18411.1%111184-39.7%
#69Jeep Renegade1,305------263------
#70GMC Yukon1,2201,440-15.3%164334-50.9%
#71GMC Yukon XL1,0591,348-21.4%1871728.7%
#72Mini Countryman1,0001,415-29.3%191221-13.6%
#73BMW X698669242.5%211311-32.2%
#74Mazda CX-99481,009-6.0%1006944.9%
#75Chevrolet Suburban92667038.2%20664222%
#76BMW X4854210307%12110021.0%
#77Land Rover Range Rover7877169.9%1105986.4%
#78Land Rover LR453030176.1%6331103%
#79Volvo XC9052234053.5%817212.5%
#80Lexus GX46049741320.3%554814.6%
#81Nissan Armada49633448.5%645125.5%
#82Infiniti QX8048834840.2%553941.0%
#83Toyota Sequoia466535-12.9%514221.4%
#84Fiat 500X441------78------
#85Infiniti QX7040434816.1%4145-8.9%
#86Lincoln Navigator403164146%7529159%
#87Land Rover Discovery Sport399------152------
#88Lexus LX570206217-5.1%813-38.5%
#89Mercedes-Benz G-Class18816712.6%611-45.5%
#90Lincoln MKT184221-16.7%1723-26.1%
#91Toyota Land Cruiser º1428861.4%196217%
#92Land Rover LR280468-82.9%---71-100%
#93Toyota FJ Cruiser8584-98.6%---29-100%
#94Subaru Tribeca5113-95.6%---7-100%
#95Acura ZDX16-83.3%---1-100%
513,750462,96711.0% 64,293 57,937 11.0%
------ --- --- --- ---
Source: Automakers & Global Automakers Of Canada & ANDC
* Italicized unranked lines are nothing more than available breakdowns, already included in the model's total, not in addition to the model's total.
³ Total Santa Fe sales:  down 14.3% to 2464 in September; up 0.2% to 25,032 YTD.
º Land Cruiser is a commercial vehicle in Canada. 
Rather than listing the 500L with the Mini Countryman in these SUV/crossover rankings, it's with cars in large part because it is not available with all-wheel-drive. The placement of numerous crossovers often prompts disagreement, but consider the vehicle type's name: crossover. By its very definition, it crosses over from one category into another. The very act of calling, for example, the Toyota Venza a car or a utility vehicle requires ignorance of the fact that the Venza (or Outback, Crosstour, Encore, Countryman, 500L) is a square peg that can't be squeezed through a round hole.

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