Watch 2015 Lincoln MKC 2.3 AWD Video Review - Alex On Autos

In continuing the weekly series of displaying Alex On Autos' video reviews for your viewing pleasure and a completely different take from the GCBC norm, here's Alex Dykes' review of the 2015 Lincoln MKC.

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Alex drove the all-wheel-drive 2.3L turbocharged MKC on his regular route of varying terrain and goes into deep detail regarding the MKC's interior, exterior dimensions, ride and handling, fuel economy, and anything else you can think of in terms of Lincoln's Escape-based small crossover.

We haven't driven the new MKC yet. Our most recent Lincoln review involves the 2014 MKZ Hybrid. GCBC's most recent review subject was the 2015 Nissan Micra, which isn't available in the United States.

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  1. Where is the Buick LaCrosse on this list?


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