General Motors USA June 2014 Sales By Model - Do Recalls Hurt?

We don't know why people do the things they do. Granted, we do know some things. We know people don't buy new Chevrolet Aveos anymore, and it's not just because people don't want to buy new Chevrolet Aveos. It's because there aren't any new Chevrolet Aveos to buy.

But setting aside inventory (as sales of some vehicles are prone to selling more at certain times of the year than they are at others, for example, and automakers supply dealers at the right time) we simply don't know if buyers reject models because they're tired of them, because new competitors have arrived, because styling changes were unappreciated.

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Or because consumers are concerned about potential quality flaws in vehicles sold by a manufacturer that can't stop recalling vehicles, both old and new.
Judging GM's overall U.S. sales performance based on one month, or even one half a year, is somewhat misleading. Isn't it more useful to see the figures for all individual models?

The figures you see in this post have already been widely reported at GCBC: on individual sales tracking pages, on best seller lists, on the complete rankings of vehicle sales, car sales, pickup truck sales, SUV/crossover sales, and/or segment breakdowns. The complete U.S. sales recap for June 2014 is here. Below, you'll find all GM sales results listed by brand, pre-sorted by June's year-over-year improvement/decline within the context of specific brands. 
The table is completely sortable, so click any column header to sort the results alphabetically, by June 2013, % change, or year-to-date figures.

2014 YTD
2013 YTD
% Change
GENERAL MOTORS267,461264,8431.0%1,455,8681,420,3462.5%
Buick Brand21,40318,07818.4%113,472100,83712.5%
Buick Encore4,1422,28081.7%23,65712,25293.1%
Buick LaCrosse5,3323,99933.3%25,28024,4823.3%
Buick Regal1,7431,38326.0%12,3038,82039.5%
Buick Enclave6,2025,9224.7%30,14231,841-5.3%
Buick Verano3,9844,489-11.2%22,09023,433-5.7%
Buick Lucerne---5-100%---9-100%
GMC Brand43,55039,37610.6%232,371220,6965.3%
GMC Savana4,3331,890129%16,2698,21098.2%
GMC Yukon3,9461,797120%18,60412,10553.7%
GMC Yukon XL3,0961,82469.7%12,44514,704-15.4%
GMC Terrain8,7438,0598.5%50,68750,6760.1%
GMC Sierra15,40616,568-7.0%93,19187,6336.3%
GMC Acadia8,0239,174-12.5%41,17046,492-11.4%
GMC Canyon364-95.3%5876-99.4%
Cadillac Brand13,94113,9290.1%82,11783,679-1.9%
Cadillac ELR97------390------
Cadillac Escalade2,9671,88857.2%10,45510,663-2.0%
Cadillac Escalade *1,9071,03584.3%6,6715,67717.5%
Cadillac Escalade ESV *1,05866758.6%3,7353,827-2.4%
Cadillac Escalade EXT *2186-98.9%491,159-95.8%
Cadillac SRX4,6523,91218.9%28,86423,99020.3%
Cadillac CTS2,1742,416-10.0%16,00815,1335.8%
Cadillac XTS1,6932,234-24.2%11,49014,684-21.8%
Cadillac ATS2,3583,459-31.8%14,91019,183-22.3%
Cadillac DTS---16-100%---19-100%
Cadillac STS---4-100%---7-100%
Chevrolet Brand188,567193,460-2.5%1,027,9081,015,1341.3%
Chevrolet SS217------1,662------
Chevrolet Corvette2,723853219%17,7445,673213%
Chevrolet Tahoe11,1475,79092.5%45,83840,85712.2%
Chevrolet Suburban6,5843,81372.7%23,57121,6638.8%
Chevrolet Sonic9,7187,12236.5%50,39044,90512.2%
Chevrolet Captiva Sport3,9592,98432.7%28,81124,76216.4%
Chevrolet Spark3,7083,10419.5%22,29917,58826.8%
Chevrolet Camaro7,7217,2366.7%46,67242,31210.3%
Chevrolet Traverse10,59210,2952.9%52,05353,294-2.3%
Chevrolet Silverado43,51943,2590.6%240,679242,586-0.8%
Chevrolet Equinox21,74823,645-8.0%120,831126,397-4.4%
Chevrolet Express8,1368,868-8.3%39,51440,602-2.7%
Chevrolet Caprice PPV434511-15.1%1,7321,55211.6%
Chevrolet Impala14,37817,255-16.7%78,49983,382-5.9%
Chevrolet Cruze26,00832,871-20.9%145,338133,6898.7%
Chevrolet Malibu16,13721,288-24.2%103,505111,100-6.8%
Chevrolet Volt1,7772,698-34.1%8,6159,855-12.6%
Chevrolet Colorado51155-67.1%733,034-97.6%
Chevrolet Avalanche101,712-99.4%8211,878-99.3%
Chevrolet Aveo------------2-100%
Chevrolet HHR---1-100%---3-100%
Source: General Motors
* Escalade breakdown by variant

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