Much More GCBC On TTAC Beginning Tomorrow

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Beginning Friday, August 1, 2014, GoodCarBadCar will appear on The Truth About Cars with far greater frequency. 

For some months, I've published a handful of reviews at TTAC in addition to a few segment breakdowns per month and monthly Canadian sales recaps. Starting tomorrow, I'll be adding articles to TTAC on a constant basis. 

On any given day at TTAC, you could find car reviews (which will continue to appear here), best seller lists, interesting charts, segment breakdowns, posts from a sales-related perspective on the big automotive news of the day, and a periodic note on the Canadian auto sales situation. 

GoodCarBadCar remains independent. The articles you're accustomed to seeing in this space on a monthly basis, from both the United States and Canada, will continue to appear in this space. Hopefully in addition to reading GCBC's content at TTAC, you'll continue to follow GoodCarBadCar closely - nothing changes here.

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