Large Luxury SUV Sales In America - March 2014 YTD

2013 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class white off-roading
Big luxury brand SUVs aren't selling as well, as a group, as they were in the first quarter of 2013, and there are multiple reasons for the decline.

USA large luxury SUV sales chart March 2014
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The Cadillac Escalade, in a replacement year, is surely not going to sell as well in the lead-up to the full replacement. Likewise, Lincoln Navigator volume was down 15% in Q1 of 2014. Even sales of the Range Rover dipped in March, the first decline since last March, one year ago. 

But the greater problem for the category as a whole over the last three months, and also in March specifically, was the sales decline of the more affordable, segment-leading Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. sales are down by 2200 units year-to-date; by 670 units in March.

Naturally, other SUVs and crossovers could be labelled as rivals for the group we show below. Vehicles like the Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6, for example, are linked with midsize luxury SUVs at GoodCarBadCar for reasons relating to entry price or size. The biggest, baddest luxury utility vehicles are displayed as a declining group here.

You can click any model name in the tables below to find historical monthly and yearly U.S. auto sales data. You can also select a make and model at GCBC's Sales Stats page. This table is now sortable, so you can rank large luxury SUVs any which way you like. Suggestions on how GCBC should break down segments can be passed on through the Contact page.

Click Column Headers To Sort • March 2015 • April 2014 • February 2014March 2013
Large Luxury SUV
1944-35.2%3648 5110 -28.6%
11438.6%3374 3370 0.1%
809-1.9%2884 2790 3.4%
3666.3%1056 1026 2.9%
61621.1%1561 1827 -14.6%
25019.6%608 612 -0.7%
2803-23.9%5418 7618 -28.9%
24716.2%772 740 4.3%
--------- --- ---
8179-12.6%19,321 23,093 -16.3%
Source: Automakers & ANDC
This post was updated at 4:59 PM on 04.07.2014 with correct QX56/QX80 March 2013 figures from Infiniti, as Nissan's figures were incorrect.

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