Mini USA Car Sales Charts – November 2013 YTD

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USA Mini Sales Chart November 2013
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Mini USA reported its best Paceman sales month in November 2013. With 631 sales, the Paceman was the third-best-selling Mini variant, accounting for 14% of Mini’s U.S. sales last month. 

Together, the Clubman and Countryman and Paceman – the three big Minis – generated 52% of Mini’s U.S. sales in November. Pre-Paceman, the two biggest Minis available last year generated 49% of Mini’s U.S. sales in November of last year.

Mini introduced a new Cooper Hardtop in November and, of course, it’s quite a bit larger, as well. This photo is the best evidence of that. Almost four inches longer than its predecessor, almost two inches wider, and a speck taller, too, the core Mini Cooper has all but ballooned compared with the Mini that BMW introduced a little more than a decade ago.

November 2013 Mini USA sales chart

As we approach the current Hardtop’s replacement phase, sales of the outgoing car have been tumbling. As have sales of the Convertible, Clubman, and Coupe that use the Hardtop’s foundation. As a result, even with the addition of the Paceman, Mini’s U.S. sales are up just 0.4% this year, an addition of just 243 sales through eleven months. Mini’s November sales slid 13%, or 673 units. 

Other then the Paceman, which wasn’t on sale at this time last year, every single vehicle line sold less often last month than during the equivalent period one year earlier.

Fiat 500 sales slid 41% to 2138 in November. Fiat sold just 937 500Ls last month. Volkswagen sold 1817 Beetle hardtops, down 8%, and 1025 Beetle Convertibles. 

Mini attracted 12.6% of the BMW Group’s November 2013 buyers, down from 14.4% in November 2012. 

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Mini Cooper Hardtop
2490 – 30.6% 23,959 26,267 – 8.8%
Mini Cooper Convertible
325 – 22.5% 4198 4488 – 6.5%
Mini Cooper Clubman
480 – 31.3% 4776 5324 – 10.3%
Mini Countryman
1608 – 10.8% 19,270 18,788 2.6%
Mini Coupe 
149 – 38.9% 2423 2702 – 10.3%
Mini Roadster
196 – 44.4% 2672 2098 27.4%
Mini Paceman
5248 – 12.8% 59,910 59,667 0.4%

Source: BMW of North America

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  • MJZ

    Shouldn't the Maserati Quattroporte and possibly the Ghibli also be included on this chart? Maserati had the highest percentage increase of any car brand in November.

  • Note the reference to Maserati below the table. Maserati doesn't report model-specific sales figures, but you'll see more re: brand totals for Maserati here (U.S. Auto Sales Brand Rankings – November 2013 YTD) and here (

  • MJZ

    Yes, saw that AFTER I posted of course! I wonder if the new Maseratis are taking customers from BMW and Porsche? These two brands seem like Maserati's most logical competitors. Mercedes and Lexus not so much.

  • Just don't forget that Maserati's YOY increase hasn't transformed it from a niche luxury brand to anything other than a slightly more common niche luxury brand, at least at this stage. With all their models, Maserati sold 887 cars in a best-ever month. Mercedes-Benz sold ten times that many E-Classes. Based on the growth of other premium brands, what sales Maserati is stealing are more than made up for by the sales premium brands are "stealing" from mainstream brands.